Roman Reigns’ Undisputed Reign Faces WrestleMania Challenge from Cody Rhodes

Wrestling icon Matt Morgan is adamant that the pinnacle of WWE’s Universal Championship reign, held firmly by Roman Reigns, must meet its conclusion at WrestleMania XL, courtesy of none other than Cody Rhodes.

The anticipation heightened as Cody Rhodes, known as The American Nightmare, clinched victory in the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble, earning the coveted opportunity to confront The Tribal Chief for the championship he holds dominantly. This clash of titans is set to headline night two of the upcoming WrestleMania extravaganza.

High Stakes WrestleMania Showdown

On the Gigantic Pop podcast, wrestling enthusiasts bombarded Matt Morgan and his co-hosts with inquiries regarding their stance on Cody Rhodes potentially ending Roman Reigns’ historic championship reign. Morgan expressed fervent support for Rhodes, stating he’d be devastated if The American Nightmare failed to secure the title at WrestleMania.

Reigns’ Retirement Looms

Roman Reigns, an indomitable force in the WWE arena for over a decade, faces a career-defining moment as WrestleMania XL approaches. With his Universal Championship reign surpassing the 1,300-day mark, Reigns acknowledges the high stakes, revealing a startling ultimatum. The Tribal Chief declared on A&E Biography: WWE Legends that defeat at WrestleMania would signal his retirement from the sport.

Spectacular WrestleMania Matchups

Adding to the WrestleMania spectacle, Reigns is set to engage in a colossal tag team match alongside his cousin, The Rock, against Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins on the first night of the event. The anticipation crescendos as The Final Boss and The Tribal Chief left their mark by delivering a punishing message to their WrestleMania adversaries on RAW.

A Last Hurrah for Reigns?

As speculation swirls around the fate of Roman Reigns’ championship reign, the WWE Universe remains divided on whether WrestleMania XL will mark the end of an era. With Cody Rhodes poised to challenge the status quo and Reigns standing firm in his resolve, the stage is set for a monumental showdown that could redefine the landscape of WWE.


As the countdown to WrestleMania XL intensifies, all eyes are on the clash between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. With the legacy of Reigns’ championship reign hanging in the balance, the WWE Universe braces for a seismic shift in the wrestling landscape. Will WrestleMania XL herald the end of Reigns’ dominance, or will The Tribal Chief emerge victorious once again, cementing his status as an immortal figure in WWE history?

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