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At SportsBeatsIndia, we aspire to create an integrated platform for Indian athletes and sports enthusiasts. Keeping this vision in mind, we provide you with a medium through which we are uniting the athletes and their fans.

In India, sports are way of connecting people. We bond over sports but we focus on selective games and undermine the talent of many other athletes. Our aim is to encourage the sports culture in India by spreading awareness among people about sports and our Indian athletes who have devoted their whole lives for sports.

SportsBeatsIndia at a glance:

  • News – Latest updates and news
  • Articles – Statistical and analytical articles
  • Player Profiles  – 1500+ player profiles – Biography, Career Highlights, Statistics
  • Calendar – Detailed schedule of all lives upcoming matches
  • How to Play – Sport wise Rule Book

We invite you to come join us in our initiative and help us to raise the viewers for all Indian sports and spread awareness about them.

To know more, please contact us.

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