Indian Volleyball Federation

The Indian Volleyball Federation (IVF) is the governing body for the sport of volleyball in India. The IVF was founded in 1951, and is responsible for organizing and promoting the sport at the national level.

The IVF is affiliated with the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) and the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), and is responsible for managing the Indian national teams and organizing international competitions in the country.

Over the years, the IVF has played a crucial role in promoting and popularizing the sport of volleyball in India. The federation has organized numerous national and international tournaments, providing a platform for talented players to showcase their skills and compete against top teams from around the world.

One of the major accomplishments of the IVF has been the successful hosting of the South Asian Games in 2010, where the Indian men’s team won the gold medal. The IVF has also helped develop the sport at the grass-roots level, with a focus on promoting the game in schools and colleges across the country.

The IVF is headed by its president, Dr. A. K. Mattoo, who has been at the helm of the federation since 2009. Under his leadership, the IVF has made significant strides in improving the standard of the game in India, and has helped produce a number of talented players who have gone on to represent the country at the international level.

In recent years, the IVF has also focused on expanding the game to new regions and promoting it among women and young players. The federation has partnered with various organizations and government agencies to promote the sport and provide support to aspiring volleyball players across the country.

Overall, the Indian Volleyball Federation has played a vital role in the development and promotion of the sport in India. Its efforts have helped elevate the standard of the game, and have given many young players the opportunity to pursue their passion for volleyball at the highest level.

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