Imad Wasim Caught Smoking in PSL 2024 Final

Islamabad United’s prominent all-rounder, Imad Wasim, stirred controversy during the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 final against Multan Sultans. The incident occurred in the 18th over after Imad claimed five crucial wickets, showcasing exceptional bowling prowess with figures of 5/23. However, the spotlight shifted when he was caught on camera smoking in the dressing room, a moment captured and shared widely across social media platforms.

The Controversial Incident

In a video circulating on various social media platforms, Imad Wasim was seen smoking in the dressing room post his impactful spell during the PSL final. The footage, initially shared on X (formerly Twitter), sparked debates and discussions among cricket enthusiasts and the broader audience alike. The timing of the incident, amidst the intensity of the final match, added fuel to the controversy.

On-Field Performance Amidst Controversy

Despite the off-field distraction, Imad Wasim’s on-field performance remained commendable. His crucial spell played a pivotal role in restricting Multan Sultans to a modest total of 159/9 in their allotted 20 overs. With a display of precision and skill, Imad dismissed key opposition batsmen, contributing significantly to Islamabad United’s bowling efforts.

Multan Sultans’ Battling Effort

Multan Sultans, opting to bat first, showcased resilience with the bat, posting a competitive total. Usman Khan’s impressive innings of 57 runs off 40 balls spearheaded their batting charge. Supported by valuable contributions from Iftikhar Ahmed and skipper Mohammad Rizwan, Multan Sultans aimed to set a challenging target for Islamabad United.

Islamabad United’s Chase

In pursuit of victory, Islamabad United began their chase, exhibiting determination and focus. Agha Salman and Martin Guptill took charge at the crease, aiming to steer their team towards the target set by Multan Sultans. Despite the early dismissal of Colin Munro, Islamabad United remained poised in their pursuit of the PSL title.

Imad Wasim’s Optimism

Following the match, Imad Wasim expressed confidence in Islamabad United’s ability to chase down the target set by Multan Sultans. The seasoned all-rounder believed that the opposition had fallen short by 20-25 runs, emphasizing the favorable batting conditions. Imad’s strategic approach to bowling, tailored to exploit the pitch conditions, underscored his tactical acumen in high-pressure situations.

Anticipation Builds for PSL 2024 Final Outcome

With both teams vying for the prestigious PSL title, anticipation soared among fans and cricket enthusiasts. Multan Sultans, determined to clinch their second PSL trophy, faced stiff competition from Islamabad United, eyeing their third championship victory. As the final match unfolded, excitement mounted, with spectators eagerly awaiting the crowning of the PSL 2024 champions.


Imad Wasim’s smoking controversy during the PSL 2024 final added an unexpected twist to the highly anticipated cricketing event. Despite the distraction, both teams showcased exemplary performances, setting the stage for a thrilling finale. As the match progressed, all eyes remained glued to the action-packed showdown, highlighting the enduring appeal and excitement of Pakistan’s premier T20 cricket tournament.

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