What is the best institution for Kabaddi in India?

Kabaddi, often referred to as the “game of warriors,” holds a special place in the hearts of millions of Indians. It’s a sport that demands strength, agility, and quick thinking. If you’re passionate about Kabaddi and aspiring to become a pro player, the choice of the right institution is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best institutions for Kabaddi in India, offering you a roadmap to success in this exhilarating sport.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Institution

Before delving into the specifics of the best institutions for Kabaddi in India, it’s essential to understand why this decision matters. The institution you choose can significantly impact your Kabaddi journey, from the quality of coaching to exposure to competitive opportunities.

Kabaddi Institutions in India: A Diverse Landscape

India boasts a rich and diverse landscape of Kabaddi institutions, each with its unique offerings and strengths. Let’s explore some of the top options available:

National Kabaddi Academy, Gandhinagar

Located in the heart of Gujarat, the National Kabaddi Academy has earned its reputation as a powerhouse of Kabaddi talent. With state-of-the-art facilities and seasoned coaches, this institution is ideal for those looking to hone their skills.

Patliputra Kabaddi Academy, Patna

Patliputra Kabaddi Academy in Patna, Bihar, has produced some of India’s finest Kabaddi players. The institution’s focus on traditional training methods combined with modern techniques sets it apart.

Pro Kabaddi League Teams’ Academies

Several Pro Kabaddi League teams, such as the U Mumba Kabaddi Academy and Puneri Paltan Kabaddi Academy, have established their training centers. These academies offer exposure to high-level competition and expert coaching.

Government Sports Institutes

Many government sports institutes across India offer Kabaddi training programs. These institutes often provide cost-effective training and have a history of nurturing talented players.

What to Look for in a Kabaddi Institution

Choosing the right Kabaddi institution involves considering several crucial factors:

  • Coaching Expertise: Look for institutions with experienced coaches who understand the nuances of Kabaddi and can guide you effectively.
  • Facilities: Adequate infrastructure and training facilities are essential for honing your skills. Ensure the institution has well-maintained courts and equipment.
  • Competitive Exposure: To excel in Kabaddi, you need to compete against the best. Opt for institutions that participate in regional and national-level tournaments.
  • Alumni Success: Research the institution’s track record in producing successful Kabaddi players who have gone on to represent India at various levels.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: If you’re looking for financial assistance, inquire about scholarship programs offered by the institution.


Q: Can I pursue a career in Kabaddi if I start training at a late age?

A: While starting early provides an advantage, Kabaddi institutions welcome enthusiasts of all ages. Dedication and hard work can help you make significant progress.

Q: Are there any girls’ Kabaddi institutions in India?

A: Yes, several institutions offer girls’ Kabaddi training programs to promote gender inclusivity in the sport.

Q: What is the typical duration of a Kabaddi training program?

A: The duration varies from institution to institution. Some offer short-term courses, while others provide comprehensive training over several months.

Q: Do Kabaddi institutions provide accommodation facilities?

A: Many institutions offer hostel or accommodation options for outstation students. It’s advisable to check with the specific institution.

Q: Is Kabaddi a physically demanding sport?

A: Yes, Kabaddi requires strength, agility, and endurance. Regular training and fitness routines are essential.

Q: How can I apply for admission to a Kabaddi institution?

A: The admission process varies by institution. Contact the institution directly or visit their website for detailed admission information.


Choosing the best institution for Kabaddi in India is a crucial step in your journey to becoming a Kabaddi star. Consider factors like coaching expertise, facilities, and competitive exposure when making your decision. Remember that dedication and hard work are keys to success in this exciting sport. So, lace up your shoes, join a reputable Kabaddi institution, and embark on an exhilarating Kabaddi journey that could lead you to greatness.

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