5 Reasons Why Dhruv Kapila is the Best Badminton Player in the World

In the world of badminton, there are a lot of great players. But there is only one Dhruv Kapila. Here are 5 reasons why he is the best badminton player in the world:

  1. His footwork is impeccable.
  2. He has amazing stamina and endurance.
  3. His backhand is lethal.
  4. He never loses his focus, no matter what the score is.
  5. He always give 110% and leaves everything on the court.

Dhruv Kapila Best Badminton Player

His Footwork is Impeccable

Dhruv’s footwork is often lauded by other players and pundits as being “impeccable.” He moves effortlessly around the court, making it look easy even though we know it’s not. This allows him to put himself in position to make shots that other players simply can’t make.

He Has Amazing Stamina and Endurance

One of the things that separates Dhruv from other players is his stamina and endurance. He seemingly never gets tired, no matter how long the rallies last or how hot it is on the court. This allows him to outlast his opponents and wear them down mentally and physically over the course of a match.

His Backhand is Lethal

Dhruv’s backhand is one of his most deadly weapons. It’s incredibly precise and can catch his opponents off-guard when they least expect it. This shot has helped him win many matches over the years and will continue to do so for years to come.

He Never Loses his Focus

One of Dhruv’s biggest strengths is his mental toughness. No matter what the score is, he always seems to be in control of his emotions and never lets his opponents get into his head. This allows him to always stay focused on the task at hand and play his best badminton even when the pressure is at its highest.

He Always Give 110%

When you watch Dhruv play, you can see that he really enjoys being on the court and competing against the best in the world. He also knows that he has to work hard if he wants to stay at the top of his game. That’s why he always gives 110% and leaves everything on the court, regardless of whether he’s winning or losing.


Dhruv Kapila is arguably one of, if not THE best badminton player in the world right now. His combination of talent, skill, athleticism, mental toughness, and desire to win sets him apart from other players and makes him a force to be reckoned with on any given day. If you’re looking for someone to root for in this year’s badminton season, look no further than Dhruv Kapila!

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