5 Reasons Why Arjun Deshwal Is the Best Kabaddi Player in the World

Arjun Deshwal

Arjun Deshwal is widely considered to be the best kabaddi player in the world. A star player for the Indian national team, Deshwal has won numerous championships and awards throughout his career. Here are 5 reasons why he is considered the best of the best.

Why Arjun Deshwal Is the Best Kabaddi Player (5 Reasons)

1. He is a Master of All Forms of Kabaddi

Arjun Deshwal is not only an expert in the traditional form of kabaddi, but he is also proficient in other variations of the game such as beach kabaddi, circle kabaddi, and so on. This makes him a well-rounded player who can adapt to any situation and emerge victorious.

2. He Has Superb Strategic Vision

Deshwal is known for his excellent strategic vision on the kabaddi court. He is able to make split-second decisions that often lead to him winning points for his team. This makes him a valuable asset to any team he plays for.

3. He is Incredibly Athletic

In addition to being strategic, Deshwal is also an incredible athlete. His speed and agility make him a hard player to catch, even for the best defenders. This makes him a nightmare for opposing teams.

4. He Has a Winning Mentality

Deshwal is a fierce competitor who always wants to win. This winning mentality has helped him achieve success both at the national and international level.

5. He Is an Excellent Leader

Not only is Deshwal a great player, but he is also an excellent leader. He motivates and inspires his teammates with his positive attitude and willingness to win. This makes him the perfect captain for any team.


There are many reasons why Arjun Deshwal is considered the best kabaddi player in the world. His skill, athleticism, strategic vision, and leadership make him a valuable asset to any team. He is a true champion who always puts his team first.

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