Why is Kabaddi not as famous as Cricket in India?

In a nation where cricket is more than just a sport, it’s a passion and a way of life, it’s only natural to wonder, “Why is Kabaddi not as famous as Cricket in India?” This article takes a deep dive into the factors that have propelled cricket to the forefront of Indian sports while leaving Kabaddi somewhat in its shadow.

The Unrivaled Legacy of Cricket

Cricket’s historical significance in India is unparalleled. From the 1983 World Cup victory to Sachin Tendulkar’s legendary career, cricket has etched unforgettable moments in the hearts of millions. The sport has not only enjoyed decades of mainstream media coverage but has also been endorsed by countless celebrities, further cementing its place in Indian culture.

Colonial Influence

One of the key reasons for cricket’s prominence lies in its colonial history. Introduced by the British, cricket became a symbol of sophistication and was adopted by the Indian elite. The legacy of colonialism ensured that cricket remained deeply ingrained in Indian society long after independence.

Accessibility and Infrastructure

Cricket’s popularity has also been bolstered by the availability of infrastructure. From local grounds to world-class stadiums, India boasts a vast network of cricket facilities. This accessibility allows aspiring cricketers to practice and showcase their talent, fostering the sport’s growth.

Star-Studded Cricket Leagues

The emergence of cricket leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been a game-changer. These leagues not only provide a platform for budding talent but also offer lucrative contracts, making cricket an attractive career choice. The glamour associated with the IPL further fuels cricket’s appeal.

The Underlying Challenges for Kabaddi

Now, let’s shift our focus to Kabaddi. While it’s an ancient sport with a rich history, Kabaddi faces several challenges that have hindered its widespread popularity.

Lack of International Exposure

Unlike cricket, Kabaddi lacks a global stage. While cricket has international tournaments like the ICC Cricket World Cup, Kabaddi’s international presence is limited. This lack of exposure has prevented Kabaddi from gaining a worldwide following.

Limited Media Coverage

Cricket enjoys extensive media coverage, from live broadcasts to in-depth analysis. Kabaddi, on the other hand, struggles to secure prime-time slots and comprehensive coverage. This limited visibility hampers its growth.

Infrastructure and Investment

Compared to cricket, Kabaddi lags behind in infrastructure development and investment. Cricket stadiums are state-of-the-art, while Kabaddi requires more investment to match these standards.

Cultural Relevance

Cricket has seamlessly integrated into Indian culture, with anthem-worthy moments and fan rituals. Kabaddi, while culturally significant in some regions, hasn’t achieved the same level of integration at a national scale.


Q: Is Kabaddi completely overshadowed by cricket in India?

A: While cricket enjoys more popularity, Kabaddi has its dedicated fan base and is actively promoted through leagues like the Pro Kabaddi League.

Q: Can Kabaddi ever match cricket’s popularity in India?

A: While challenging, it’s not impossible. With strategic investments and improved infrastructure, Kabaddi can certainly grow in popularity.

Q: Are there any initiatives to promote Kabaddi?

A: Yes, various organizations are working to promote Kabaddi at the grassroots level and expand its reach.

Q: What can be done to boost Kabaddi’s popularity?

A: Increasing media coverage, organizing international tournaments, and nurturing young talent are essential steps.

Q: Are there any famous Kabaddi players in India?

A: Yes, players like Anup Kumar and Ajay Thakur have gained recognition for their Kabaddi prowess.

Q: Can Kabaddi and cricket coexist in India?

A: Absolutely. India is a diverse nation with room for multiple sports to thrive alongside cricket.


In a cricket-crazy nation like India, the question of why Kabaddi isn’t as famous deserves thoughtful consideration. While cricket’s historical legacy, accessibility, and media coverage have contributed to its dominance, Kabaddi faces unique challenges. However, with strategic planning, investment, and a continued commitment to nurturing the sport, Kabaddi can aspire to reach greater heights in the Indian sports landscape.

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