Why isn’t kabaddi the national sport of India?

India, a nation known for its diverse culture and love for sports, has a plethora of traditional games that have captured the hearts of millions. Cricket, undoubtedly, reigns supreme as the nation’s most popular sport. However, a question often arises: Why isn’t Kabaddi the national sport of India? In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the intricacies of Kabaddi, its historical significance, and the factors that have prevented it from achieving the coveted status of India’s national sport.

1. The Origins of Kabaddi

  • Ancient Roots in Indian Culture
  • Regional Variations of Kabaddi
  • Kabaddi in Mythology

2. Kabaddi vs. Cricket: A Cultural Clash

  • Cricket’s British Legacy
  • Kabaddi’s Indigenous Appeal
  • Impact of Colonial Influence

3. Popularity Contest: Cricket Takes the Lead

  • The IPL Phenomenon
  • Kabaddi’s Limited Exposure
  • Corporate Sponsorship

4. Lack of International Recognition

  • Cricket’s Global Reach
  • Challenges Faced by Kabaddi
  • Olympic Aspirations

5. The Need for Infrastructure and Training

  • Cricket’s Well-Established Academies
  • Kabaddi’s Grassroots Development
  • Government Initiatives

6. Media Coverage and Fan Following

  • The Media’s Love Affair with Cricket
  • Kabaddi’s Emergence in the Limelight
  • Fan Base and Social Media

Why Isn’t Kabaddi the National Sport of India?

Kabaddi is a captivating sport deeply rooted in Indian culture, with ancient origins dating back centuries. Yet, several factors have prevented it from achieving the status of India’s national sport.

Cricket, with its British legacy, gained popularity during the colonial era and has continued to dominate the Indian sports scene. The Indian Premier League (IPL), in particular, has solidified cricket’s status as a national obsession.

On the other hand, Kabaddi has struggled to gain international recognition, with limited opportunities on the global stage. While cricket enjoys a massive following worldwide, Kabaddi faces challenges in expanding beyond its traditional boundaries.

Infrastructure and training facilities play a crucial role in determining a sport’s success. Cricket boasts well-established academies and facilities, whereas Kabaddi requires greater investment and government support for grassroots development.

Media coverage also plays a pivotal role in shaping a sport’s popularity. Cricket enjoys extensive coverage, both in traditional media and on social platforms, which has helped it maintain its fan base.


Q: Is Kabaddi an ancient sport?

A: Yes, Kabaddi has ancient roots in Indian culture, with references dating back centuries.

Q: Why is cricket more popular than Kabaddi in India?

A: Cricket’s popularity can be attributed to its British legacy, colonial influence, and extensive media coverage.

Q: Can Kabaddi ever become the national sport of India?

A: While it faces challenges, Kabaddi has the potential to gain prominence with increased infrastructure, international recognition, and media coverage.

Q: Are there any government initiatives to promote Kabaddi?

A: Yes, the Indian government has taken steps to support grassroots development and infrastructure for Kabaddi.

Q: What role does the IPL play in cricket’s popularity?

A: The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been instrumental in cementing cricket’s position as a national favorite.

Q: How can Kabaddi expand its fan base?

A: To expand its fan base, Kabaddi needs to focus on international exposure, youth development, and media promotion.


In conclusion, Kabaddi’s journey to becoming India’s national sport is a complex and challenging one. While it holds immense cultural significance and potential, it faces tough competition from cricket, which has established itself as a sporting giant in the nation. With the right investments, infrastructure, and global recognition, there is hope that Kabaddi may one day achieve the status it deserves.

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