How Many Kabaddi World Cups Has India Won?

India’s prowess in Kabaddi is renowned worldwide, and their dominance on the global stage is exemplified by their impressive World Cup victories. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into India’s Kabaddi World Cup triumphs, from their first win in 2004 to their latest conquest in 2016. Join us on this journey through the annals of Kabaddi history.

India’s Kabaddi World Cup Victories – A Detailed Overview

YearHost CityWinnerScoreRunner-up
2014Sri Muktsar SahibIndia45-42Pakistan
2016Jalalabad, FazilkaIndia62-20England

India’s Kabaddi Dominance Unveiled

India’s journey in the Kabaddi World Cup has been nothing short of extraordinary. Let’s explore each of their triumphs in detail.

2004 Mumbai World Cup

In 2004, Mumbai witnessed an electrifying Kabaddi World Cup. India emerged as champions, defeating Iran with a score of 55-27. The Indian team displayed remarkable skills, outclassing their opponents to claim the title.

2007 Panvel World Cup

The Kabaddi fever continued in 2007 in Panvel. India once again stood tall, showcasing their mastery of the game. They defeated Iran with a score of 29-19, and their exceptional teamwork and strategic brilliance left spectators in awe.

2010 Ludhiana World Cup

Ludhiana became the epicenter of Kabaddi excellence in 2010. India secured the World Cup, trouncing Pakistan with a commanding score of 58-24. This victory marked the beginning of India’s unmatched supremacy in the sport.

2011 Ludhiana World Cup

In 2011, India continued their winning streak in Ludhiana, defeating Canada with a score of 59-25. Their dominance in Kabaddi was on full display as they secured another World Cup title.

2012 Ludhiana World Cup

The following year, India once again triumphed in Ludhiana, overpowering Pakistan with a score of 59-22. India’s Kabaddi prowess was unmatched, and they proved it yet again on the global stage.

2013 Ludhiana World Cup

In 2013, India faced stiff competition from Pakistan in Ludhiana. However, their determination and teamwork prevailed as they clinched the title with a score of 48-39, solidifying their reputation as Kabaddi giants.

2014 Sri Muktsar Sahib World Cup

The Kabaddi battles in Sri Muktsar Sahib in 2014 were intense. India, with their unmatched determination, secured another title by defeating Pakistan with a score of 45-42. Their relentless spirit shone through once more.

2016 Ahmedabad and Jalalabad, Fazilka World Cups

India’s dominance reached its zenith in 2016 when they won not one but two World Cups. In Ahmedabad, they defeated Iran with a score of 38-29, and in Jalalabad, Fazilka, they outclassed England with an impressive score of 62-20. These victories solidified India’s status as the undisputed Kabaddi champions.

2020 Lahore World Cup

In 2020, India faced a tough battle in Lahore against Pakistan. Despite a close match, Pakistan emerged victorious with a score of 43-41. It was a hard-fought contest that showcased the intensity of Kabaddi rivalry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times has India won the Kabaddi World Cup?

India has won the Kabaddi World Cup a total of nine times.

Which city has hosted the most Kabaddi World Cups in India?

Ludhiana holds the record for hosting the most Kabaddi World Cups in India, with four consecutive tournaments from 2010 to 2013.

Who were India’s toughest competitors in the World Cups?

India faced stiff competition from teams like Pakistan and Iran in various World Cup editions, making for thrilling matches.

How has India maintained its dominance in Kabaddi?

India’s success in Kabaddi can be attributed to rigorous training, exceptional teamwork, and a deep-rooted passion for the sport.

Are there any standout players who contributed to India’s victories?

Several legendary Kabaddi players, such as Anup Kumar and Ajay Thakur, played pivotal roles in India’s World Cup triumphs.

What is the significance of India’s Kabaddi World Cup victories?

India’s Kabaddi World Cup victories have not only showcased their sporting prowess but have also popularized Kabaddi globally, inspiring countless enthusiasts.


India’s journey in the Kabaddi World Cup has been nothing short of remarkable. With nine victories to their name, they have established themselves as the undisputed champions of the sport. From Mumbai in 2004 to Jalalabad, Fazilka in 2016, India’s Kabaddi dominance continues to shine brightly on the world stage. Their success story is a testament to the passion, dedication, and unparalleled skills of their players.

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