WWE Star Reacts Hilariously to Drew McIntyre Move on RAW

A WWE Superstar has recently divulged a rather amusing explanation for his reaction to Drew McIntyre’s impactful move on RAW. McIntyre, the Scottish Warrior, seems to be grappling with a series of setbacks following WrestleMania XL and the latest episode of RAW.

McIntyre’s Disappointments Continue

Despite clinching the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, McIntyre faced immediate defeat as Damian Priest cashed in on him, aided by CM Punk’s interference. This week’s RAW saw McIntyre contending in a Fatal Four-Way match, only to be thwarted once again by Punk’s meddling, leading to Jey Uso’s victory.

The Powerbomb Incident

During the intense Fatal Four-Way match, McIntyre executed a powerful Powerbomb on Ricochet, prompting a hilarious reaction from the latter. Taking to social media, Ricochet humorously likened the experience to a roller coaster ride, emphasizing the sheer force and discomfort of the move.

Priest Fires Back

In response to McIntyre’s remarks dubbing him a “transitional champion,” Damian Priest took a verbal jab at the Scottish wrestler. Priest dismissed McIntyre’s words, asserting that he only talks without backing it up in the ring. He attributed McIntyre’s recent losses to his lack of delivery and penchant for complaining.

McIntyre’s Contract Uncertainty

Reports have surfaced indicating that Drew McIntyre has yet to finalize a new contract with WWE. This development raises questions about McIntyre’s future trajectory within the wrestling entertainment industry. Fans and analysts alike await further updates on McIntyre’s contractual status and its implications for his career.


As Drew McIntyre navigates through a tumultuous period marked by defeats and contractual uncertainties, the WWE universe remains captivated by his journey. Whether McIntyre can reclaim his former glory or faces new challenges ahead is a matter of speculation. Nonetheless, his ongoing saga continues to intrigue wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

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