Rhea Ripley’s Stinkface Sparks Controversy in Wrestling Community

In a surprising turn of events, Rhea Ripley’s recent utilization of the Stinkface maneuver during a WWE house show has ignited a debate within the wrestling community. The move, popularized by Rikishi, caught everyone’s attention, prompting mixed reactions from fans and industry insiders alike.

EC3 Weighs In on Ripley’s Controversial Move

EC3, a seasoned wrestler with insights into the industry, shared his thoughts on Ripley’s Stinkface spectacle. He believes that while the move can be entertaining, it should be reserved for special occasions rather than becoming a regular part of Ripley’s repertoire. EC3 emphasized the importance of maintaining character consistency and strategic move selection in wrestling.

Wrestling Fraternity Divided Over Ripley’s Stinkface

Ripley’s bold move hasn’t been universally embraced by the wrestling fraternity. While some appreciate the element of surprise and entertainment value it brings, others argue that it deviates from the essence of the women’s revolution in wrestling. Vince Russo, for instance, expressed confusion over Ripley’s character alignment following the Stinkface incident.

EC3 Advocates for Fun at Live Events

EC3 also shed light on the nature of live events, where wrestlers often have more freedom to experiment and entertain the audience. He sees such occasions as opportunities for talents like Ripley to showcase their personalities and potentially generate viral moments. Despite the mixed reactions, EC3 acknowledges the promotional potential of Ripley’s Stinkface maneuver.

WrestleMania Looms for Ripley

Amidst the controversy, Rhea Ripley faces a significant challenge in the form of an upcoming match against Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. With the spotlight firmly on her, Ripley must navigate through the chatter surrounding her recent stunt and focus on delivering a memorable performance in the ring. All eyes will be on the clash between these two powerhouse female wrestlers.


As the wrestling world debates the merits of Rhea Ripley’s Stinkface, one thing is clear: it has certainly stirred up conversation and added an unexpected twist to her persona. Whether Ripley continues to incorporate the move into her arsenal or opts for a more traditional approach remains to be seen. Nevertheless, her upcoming showdown at WrestleMania promises to be a defining moment in her career, regardless of the controversy surrounding her recent actions.

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