Major Update on Rhea Ripley’s Injury – Reports

WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley faces a setback as she grapples with a significant injury, shaking up the wrestling world.

The Women’s World Champion’s reign came to an abrupt halt on Monday Night RAW, where she was compelled to relinquish her title due to a debilitating injury sustained in a recent altercation.

Reports suggest Ripley incurred damage to the AC joint, linking her collarbone and right shoulder, during a backstage assault by Liv Morgan. Despite the severity of the injury, details regarding the duration of her absence from in-ring action remain uncertain.

Wrestling Veteran Critiques RAW Segment

Criticism has surfaced regarding the handling of the Ripley-Morgan segment on RAW, with wrestling veteran Vince Russo offering his perspective.

Russo proposed an alternative conclusion to the altercation, emphasizing the need to generate heat by having Morgan target Ripley’s injured shoulder more aggressively.

Championship Vacancy Sparks Speculation

With Ripley’s departure, speculation abounds regarding who will step up to claim the vacant Women’s World Championship.

Having held the title for an impressive 380 days, Ripley’s absence leaves a significant void in the women’s division, prompting fans to speculate on potential successors.

Stay tuned for further updates as the WWE navigates through this unexpected turn of events.

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