Former WWE Champion Fined for RAW Antics

In a recent turn of events on Monday Night RAW, former WWE champion Chelsea Green found herself at odds with RAW General Manager Adam Pearce. The altercation stemmed from Green’s actions during a tag team match alongside Piper Niven against Katana Chance and Kayden Carter.

The match, a rematch from their prior encounter where Chance and Carter claimed victory, ended swiftly with Green securing a win by pinning Carter. However, it was Green’s post-match behavior that caught the attention of Pearce and the WWE universe.

During a backstage segment aired on Instagram, Pearce congratulated Green and Niven on their victory. However, Green’s response, laced with sarcasm and mockery towards Pearce, led to her being fined $500 by the RAW GM.

Chelsea Green’s WWE Ambitions and Personal Ties

Away from the ring, Chelsea Green recently opened up about her aspirations within WWE and her desire to collaborate with her real-life husband, Matt Cardona, also known as Zack Ryder during his tenure with the company.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Green expressed her eagerness to team up with Cardona in WWE and participate in mixed tag team matches. Despite Cardona’s release from WWE in 2020, Green remains optimistic about his potential return to the company, citing his vast experience and accomplishments.

The WrestleMania XL Snub and Future Prospects

Despite her talent and determination, Chelsea Green found herself excluded from the WrestleMania XL match card, raising questions about her future in WWE. With the company’s roster constantly evolving and new storylines emerging, Green’s path to championship opportunities remains uncertain.

With Rhea Ripley’s recent injury creating a void in the women’s division, speculation looms regarding potential opportunities for Green to step up and claim a title shot. However, whether WWE will capitalize on this opportunity to elevate Green’s status within the promotion remains to be seen.

Speculation and Fan Reaction

As fans speculate on Chelsea Green’s future in WWE, opinions vary on whether she will receive a title opportunity following Rhea Ripley’s injury. Some believe that Green’s talent and perseverance merit a shot at championship gold, while others remain skeptical of WWE’s commitment to pushing her as a top contender.

As the wrestling world eagerly awaits developments in Green’s career, one thing is certain: her journey in WWE is far from over, and the twists and turns ahead promise to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Stay tuned for more updates on Chelsea Green and all things WWE as the drama unfolds in the squared circle.

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