India vs England Dream11 Prediction 29th Match

Cricket fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the 29th match of the Cricket World Cup 2023, where India will face off against England. This thrilling encounter promises to be a cricketing spectacle, and if you’re a Dream11 enthusiast, you’re in for a treat. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with expert insights, player analysis, and winning strategies to help you make the best Dream11 predictions for this exciting match.

India Squad Analysis

The Indian team boasts a formidable lineup, with Rohit Sharma leading as captain and Hardik Pandya as vice-captain. Let’s take a closer look at the key players who can make a significant impact in this match:

  1. Rohit Sharma (c): The Hitman is known for his explosive batting and is capable of turning the game around single-handedly.
  2. Virat Kohli: The cricketing maestro needs no introduction, and his consistency makes him a Dream11 favorite.
  3. Jasprit Bumrah: With his deadly yorkers and pace, Bumrah is a wicket-taking machine.
  4. Ravindra Jadeja: A true all-rounder, Jadeja’s batting and spin bowling can earn valuable points.
  5. KL Rahul: Rahul’s batting prowess and wicket-keeping skills make him a valuable asset.

England Squad Analysis

The England team, led by Jos Buttler, is a strong contender in this World Cup. Let’s delve into the key players who could shine in this crucial clash:

  1. Jos Buttler (c): Buttler’s aggressive batting style and leadership qualities make him a top pick.
  2. Ben Stokes: The dynamic all-rounder can contribute with both bat and ball, making him a Dream11 gem.
  3. Adil Rashid: Rashid’s spin bowling can trouble even the best batsmen, earning him crucial points.
  4. Joe Root: The anchor of England’s batting lineup, Root’s consistency is a valuable asset.
  5. Liam Livingstone: A hard-hitting batsman, Livingstone can score quick runs and grab wickets.

Dream11 Winning Strategies

Now that we’ve analyzed the key players, let’s discuss some winning strategies to help you craft a winning Dream11 team for the India vs England match:

1. Captain and Vice-Captain Choices

Select your Dream11 captain and vice-captain wisely. Consider players who are in good form and are likely to have a significant impact on the match. Options like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and Jos Buttler are excellent choices.

2. Balance Your Team

Ensure your team has a balance of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders. A well-balanced team is more likely to earn points consistently.

3. Pitch and Weather Conditions

Keep an eye on the pitch and weather conditions. These factors can influence player performance and strategy. Adjust your team accordingly.

4. Recent Form

Consider the recent form of players. Those in good form are more likely to perform well and earn points for your Dream11 team.

5. Player Head-to-Head

Analyze head-to-head statistics of players. Some players may have a better record against specific opponents, making them good picks.

6. Injury Updates

Stay updated on player injuries and last-minute changes. Avoid selecting players who are doubtful or ruled out due to injury.


Q: Can I change my Dream11 team after the toss?

A: No, you cannot make changes to your team after the toss. Make sure your team is finalized before the toss.

Q: How are Dream11 points calculated?

A: Dream11 points are awarded based on a player’s performance in the actual match. Points are earned for runs, wickets, catches, and more.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of players from each team in my Dream11 team?

A: Yes, you can select a maximum of 7 players from one team in your Dream11 team.

Q: Are there any bonus points in Dream11?

A: Yes, bonus points are awarded for exceptional performances, such as a century, a five-wicket haul, or a maiden over.

Q: Can I join multiple contests with the same Dream11 team?

A: Yes, you can use the same team in multiple contests, but keep in mind that the competition may vary.

Q: How can I track my Dream11 team’s performance during the match?

A: Dream11 provides live updates on your team’s performance, including points earned, on their platform.


As the India vs England Dream11 Prediction 29th Match in the Cricket World Cup 2023 approaches, it’s time to strategize and create your winning Dream11 team. Follow our expert analysis, consider the player insights, and implement the winning strategies discussed in this guide. May your team shine and lead you to victory in this thrilling cricket clash!

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