Joginder Singh Narwal | The Kabaddi Champion

Joginder Singh Narwal

Joginder Singh Narwal is a name that is known by all kabaddi fans. He is a champion who has brought many laurels to the sport. His achievements are many and they are a true inspiration to all kabaddi players. Let us take a look at his journey to becoming a kabaddi champion.

History of Joginder Singh Narwal

Joginder Singh Narwal was born in the year 1983 in the village of Nangal Chaudhary in the state of Haryana, India. He began playing kabaddi at a very young age and soon developed a passion for the sport. He started participating in local tournaments and slowly began to make a name for himself. His hard work and dedication paid off when he was selected to represent his state at the senior national level.

Joginder Singh Narwal made his senior national debut in the year 2004 and was immediately recognized as a talented player. He was part of the Indian team that won the Asian Kabaddi Championship in the year 2006. He was also part of the team that won the Gold medal at the 2006 South Asian Games. In the year 2007, he was awarded the Arjuna Award, which is one of the highest sporting honors in India.

Joginder Singh Narwal’s biggest achievement came in the year 2014 when he led the Indian team to victory at the Kabaddi World Cup. Under his captaincy, India beat Pakistan in the final to lift the trophy. This was a momentous occasion not just for Joginder Singh Narwal but for all of India as it was the first time that India had won the Kabaddi World Cup.

After leading India to glory at the Kabaddi World Cup, Joginder Singh Narwal retired from international kabaddi in the year 2016. However, he continues to play at the domestic level and is currently plying his trade for Uttar Pradesh Steelers in the Pro Kabaddi League.


Joginder Singh Narwal is a true legend of kabaddi. He has achieved many things in his career and is an inspiration to all aspiring kabadditudinals players. His story is one of hard work and dedication culminating in ultimate success.

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