Why Dharmaraj Cheralathan is the Greatest Kabaddi Player of All Time

When you think of Kabaddi, one name stands out above the rest: Dharmaraj Cheralathan. A contemporary of Anup Kumar and Ajay Thakur, Cheralathan has established himself as the greatest Kabaddi player of all time. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why.

Dharmaraj Cheralathan


Dharmaraj Cheralathan has won two gold medals, one silver medal, and one bronze medal in Kabaddi at the Asian Games. He was also a member of the Indian team that won the 2016 World Kabaddi Cup. In addition to his international accomplishments, Cheralathan has also been successful at the domestic level; he was a member of the Bengaluru Bulls team that won the Pro Kabaddi League in 2018. Overall, Cheralathan has won 12 major titles in his career.

Skills and Style of Play

Cheralathan is known for his quick reflexes and ability to read opponents’ movements. He is an expert at nabbing points with well-timed tackles and raids, and he is also very adept at playing defense. In addition to his defensive skills, Cheralathan is also an excellent raider; he is particularly skilled at picking up bonus points. Thanks to his all-around skillset, Cheralathan is one of the most complete players in Kabaddi today.


There is no doubt that Dharmaraj Cheralathan is the greatest Kabaddi player of all time. His achievements speak for themselves, and his style of play is unrivaled. If you’re a fan of Kabaddi, make sure to catch Cheralathan in action; you won’t be disappointed!

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