Amit Kumar – India’s Kabaddi hero

Amit Kumar is a household name in India thanks to his exploits in the world of Kabaddi. The sport of Kabaddi is hugely popular in India, and Amit has been a leading light for the country over the past decade. 

He is a two-time Asian Games gold medalist, and was also part of the Indian team that won the World Cup in 2016.

Story of Amit Kumar

Kabaddi is a Contact Sport

One of the things that sets Kabaddi apart from other sports is that it is a contact sport. This means that players are constantly looking to create space for themselves by using their bodies to push and pull their opponents. 

As a result, games can be fiercely physical affairs, with players regularly getting bruised and battered.

Amit Kumar’s Physicality

This is where Amit Kumar comes into his own. He is an extremely physically imposing figure, and he uses his strength and size to great effect on the kabaddi court. 

His opponents know that if they give him an inch, he will take a mile, and as a result, they are constantly on the back foot when up against him. 

This allows Amit to dictate the pace of play, and more often than not, he is able to lead his team to victory as a result.

An Icon in India

Amit’s successes on the kabaddi court have made him an icon in India. He is regularly mobbed by fans whenever he steps out in public, and his face is plastered on billboards and advertisements all over the country. 

His story is one of rags to riches, and he is living proof that anything is possible in India if you are willing to put in the hard work.


Amit Kumar is one of the most successful kabaddi players in history, and he has become an icon in India thanks to his exploits on the court. 

If you’re looking for someone to root for the next time you watch a game of kabaddi, Amit Kumar is your man!

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