Kylie Kelce Candidly Addresses Discomfort with NFL WAG Label

In a recent episode of the New Heights Podcast, Kylie Kelce, the wife of NFL star Jason Kelce, openly expressed her unease with being labeled a “WAG” (wives and girlfriends). When questioned by her husband’s brother, Travis Kelce, about her feelings on the term, Kylie straightforwardly stated, “I don’t like it.”

Challenging Stereotypes

Delving deeper into her sentiments, Kylie explained her aversion, citing prevalent stereotypes associated with the term “WAGs.” She pointed out the common misconception that everything in the lives of wives and girlfriends is designer, emphasizing the need to break free from such narrow assumptions.

Fashion Choices Reflect Fierce Allegiance

Kylie Kelce’s commitment to her principles extends beyond words. During Super Bowl 58, when given the option to don Kansas City Chiefs gear in support of her brother-in-law, she opted for a red Cincinnati Bearcats shirt, showcasing her unwavering allegiance to the Philadelphia Eagles.

A Philanthropic Force

Apart from being a dedicated mother to their three daughters, Kylie actively engages in charitable endeavors. Notably, she auctioned an autographed replica of the iconic Kelly Green Eagles jacket, worn by Princess Diana, fetching $100,000 for the Eagles Autism Foundation.

Shattering Misconceptions

Undeterred in her advocacy, Kylie Kelce addresses what she perceives as harmful WAG stereotypes. Expressing her concern, she remarked, “That they are with their significant others for reasons other than that they truly love them. That is, honestly, that’s the part that deeply bothers me.”

A Genuine Love Story

Kylie and Jason Kelce’s relationship stands in stark contrast to the stereotypes she opposes. Meeting on Tinder in 2015, they defied odds and tied the knot three years later. Despite a humorous and chaotic first encounter, where Jason Kelce fell asleep during their first date, their affection for each other remains palpable.

Navigating a Drunken First Date

Former Eagles player Beau Allen reminisced about the amusing yet challenging role he played as Jason Kelce’s wingman during their initial meeting. Detailing a disastrous first date scenario involving excessive alcohol consumption, Allen candidly described it as more challenging than climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

In an industry often overshadowed by misconceptions, Kylie Kelce’s candid revelations shed light on the complexities and realities of life as an NFL WAG, challenging stereotypes with grace and authenticity.

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