3 Key Moves for the New York Jets with Aaron Rodgers

The New York Jets, once again in the spotlight, are gearing up for the 2024 season with aspirations of Super Bowl glory. After the setback in the 2023-24 playoffs, it’s evident that adjustments are needed. Here are three strategic moves that could pave the way for the Jets’ triumph with Aaron Rodgers at the helm.

#3) Invest in Israel Abanikanda

In the glory days of the Jets’ title contention, a formidable running game played a pivotal role. Now, the spotlight is on Israel Abanikanda. Despite limited use as a rookie, Abanikanda stands poised to shine alongside Breece Hall, forming a dynamic duo that could revive Gang Green’s ground game. With Dalvin Cook’s departure, investing in Abanikanda is a strategic move to fortify the Jets’ running attack.

Strengthening the Quarterback Bench: Find a Better Backup for Aaron Rodgers

Behind Aaron Rodgers, the Jets face a critical need for a reliable backup. Former starter Zach Wilson’s struggles have labeled him a draft bust, and the veteran Trevor Siemian, while decent at times, lacks the consistency required. The Jets’ draft position at No. 10 presents a golden opportunity to secure a promising talent like Michael Penix Jr. Regardless of the pick, a dependable backup is imperative for the 40-year-old leader, ensuring a seamless transition in case of unforeseen circumstances.

#2) Find a Better Backup for Aaron Rodgers

Reinforcing the Foundation: Reconstitute the Offensive Line

A key factor in the Jets’ recent struggles was the vulnerability of their offensive line. Looking ahead to 2024, addressing this issue is paramount. With veteran tackles Duane Brown and Billy Turner hitting free agency, the Jets need to infuse youth and agility into their offensive line. Center Connor McGovern’s replacement by Joe Tippmann signifies a shift towards younger talent.

#1) Reconstitute the Offensive Line

To fortify the line, the Jets should focus on nurturing their young prospects – McGovern, guard Alijah Vera-Tucker, tackles Max Mitchell, and Carter Warren. Additionally, targeting a second guard in the 2024 draft can further solidify the offensive line, providing a robust foundation for the Aaron Rodgers era and beyond.


As the New York Jets set their sights on the upcoming season, these three strategic moves could be the key to unlocking Super Bowl success. By investing in Abanikanda, securing a reliable backup for Rodgers, and reconstituting the offensive line, the “Gang Green” can position themselves as serious contenders. The 2024 season holds promise, and with these calculated moves, the Jets aim to rewrite their Super Bowl narrative.

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