Unveiling Sean Strickland’s Savage Sparring: Luke Rockhold’s Eye-Opening Account

Sean Strickland, the enigmatic force inside the Octagon, has always raised eyebrows with his unorthodox training methods. Luke Rockhold, former UFC middleweight champion, recently shed light on the unconventional sparring habits of the man known as ‘Tarzan.’

A Glimpse into ‘Tarzan’s’ World

In a recent episode of the JAXXON Podcast, Rockhold vividly described the first encounter with Strickland at the now-closed RVCA gym. The gym, under the guidance of Jason Parillo, witnessed the unbridled energy of ‘Tarzan’ in action.

Strickland: A Wild Force

Rockhold painted a picture of Strickland as the fighter who “doesn’t care” during sparring sessions. He revealed, “He’ll try to kill you.” The atmosphere at RVCA was set when Rockhold, still recovering from a hangover, encountered Strickland’s brash demeanor.

The Unforgettable Brawl

Recalling a particular sparring session, Rockhold disclosed, “We got into a f***ing little brawl for one round.” Despite being a tricky opponent, Rockhold emphasized the intensity of the encounter. He even resorted to an improvised mouthguard with a paper towel during the hungover session.

Sean Strickland’s Coach Speaks Out

Lack of Edge in UFC 297

Fast forward to UFC 297, where Strickland faced Dricus du Plessis. Despite being dethroned in the main event, ‘Tarzan’ left an indelible mark on the UFC landscape.

Coach Nicksick’s Analysis

Eric Nicksick, Strickland’s coach at Xtreme Couture MMA, appeared on The Anik & Florian Podcast to discuss the unexpected loss. He pointed out a missing element in Strickland’s performance, stating, “There was an edge to him that I usually see, that I didn’t feel in my fighter.”

The Quest for Redemption

Nicksick highlighted the absence of Strickland’s usual drive to push the pace and dominate. The coach’s observations add a layer of intrigue to ‘Tarzan’s’ journey, leaving fans eager to witness his redemption.

In Conclusion

Sean Strickland’s unapologetic approach to sparring and his coach’s post-fight insights create a compelling narrative around this unique UFC talent. As the MMA world waits for ‘Tarzan’ to reclaim his glory, one thing is certain – Strickland’s journey inside and outside the cage is bound to be anything but ordinary.

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