Why is Harry Maguire continuing to get picked for England?

Harry Maguire, a name that resonates with English football fans across the globe. But why is Harry Maguire continuing to get picked for England? In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the various factors that have made Maguire a mainstay in the England national team. From his exceptional defensive skills to his leadership on and off the field, we will uncover the secrets behind his consistent selection. So, let’s explore why Harry Maguire is an indispensable asset to the Three Lions.

The Rise of Harry Maguire

Harry Maguire’s journey to becoming an integral part of the England squad

Defensive Dominance

Examining Maguire’s defensive prowess and its impact on the team’s performance

Leadership Qualities

How Maguire’s leadership qualities contribute to team cohesion and success

Versatility in Play

Analyzing Maguire’s adaptability and his ability to excel in different tactical setups

Exceptional Aerial Ability

Exploring Maguire’s aerial dominance and its significance in set-pieces

Consistency in Form

Understanding Maguire’s consistent performances for both club and country

Manager’s Trust

Why Gareth Southgate continues to have faith in Maguire’s abilities

Fan Support

The role of Harry Maguire’s popularity among fans in his continued selection

Stats and Records

A closer look at some of the impressive statistics and records held by Maguire

Impact on Young Talent

How Maguire serves as a mentor and inspiration for young talents in the squad

Handling Pressure

Maguire’s composure under pressure situations and its influence on the team

Adaptation to Tactics

Discussing Maguire’s adaptability to various tactical approaches

Defensive Partnerships

The synergy between Maguire and his defensive partners in the national team

Contribution Beyond Defense

Highlighting Maguire’s involvement in offensive plays and set-piece situations

Player’s Perspective

Insights from fellow players on what makes Maguire a valuable team member

Challenges Faced

Exploring the challenges and criticisms Maguire has overcome in his career

Future Prospects

Predictions on Harry Maguire’s role in the England team in the coming years


Q: Why does Harry Maguire continue to be selected for the England national team?

Maguire’s consistent performances, leadership qualities, and versatility in defense make him a vital asset to the team.

Q: How has Harry Maguire contributed to England’s success?

Maguire’s defensive skills, aerial ability, and composure under pressure have played a significant role in the team’s achievements.

Q: Does Harry Maguire have any records or statistics that stand out?

Yes, Maguire holds impressive defensive statistics and records, showcasing his excellence.

Q: What do fellow players say about Harry Maguire’s contributions to the team?

Teammates acknowledge his leadership and influence on and off the field.

Q: Has Harry Maguire faced criticism during his career?

Yes, Maguire has faced challenges and criticisms but has consistently proven his worth.

Q: What can we expect from Harry Maguire in the future?

Maguire is likely to continue being a cornerstone of the England national team for years to come.


In conclusion, Harry Maguire’s continued selection for the England national team is a result of his exceptional defensive abilities, leadership qualities, and versatility in play. His impact on the squad goes beyond the statistics, as he serves as a mentor and inspiration to young talents. With the trust of the manager and the unwavering support of fans, Maguire’s journey in the Three Lions jersey is far from over. As he faces challenges head-on and continues to excel, the future looks bright for this defensive stalwart.

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