What is ‘Super Tackle’ in Kabaddi?

In the thrilling world of Kabaddi, there’s a move that can turn the tide of a game—the ‘Super Tackle.’ What is ‘Super Tackle’ in Kabaddi, you ask? This article will provide a comprehensive guide to this intriguing maneuver, offering insights, strategies, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). So, let’s dive into the heart-pounding action of Kabaddi and understand the art of the ‘Super Tackle.’

What is ‘Super Tackle’ in Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a contact team sport that requires both physical prowess and strategic thinking. A ‘Super Tackle’ is a game-changing move in Kabaddi, where a lone defender takes on a raider who has entered the opponent’s half of the court. This high-risk, high-reward maneuver can swing the momentum in favor of the defending team.

The Elements of a ‘Super Tackle’

To execute a successful ‘Super Tackle,’ a defender must possess exceptional skills, timing, and nerves of steel. Here are the key elements that make up this move:

1. Timing and Anticipation

Timing is crucial in Kabaddi, and a defender must anticipate the raider’s movements. A split-second delay can lead to failure, while a well-timed tackle can secure valuable points for the defense.

2. Technique and Grip

A ‘Super Tackle’ involves grabbing the raider and stopping them in their tracks. Defenders use various techniques like ankle holds, thigh holds, and waist holds to immobilize the raider effectively.

3. Team Coordination

While it may seem like a one-on-one battle, ‘Super Tackles’ often involve coordinated efforts from multiple defenders. Communication and synergy among defenders are essential to trap the raider effectively.

4. Risk and Reward

The ‘Super Tackle’ is a high-stakes move. If successful, it awards the defending team two points and the opportunity to initiate their raid. However, if the raider manages to escape, they gain two points for their team.

Strategies for a Successful ‘Super Tackle’

Executing a ‘Super Tackle’ requires more than just physical prowess; it demands strategic thinking and teamwork. Here are some strategies that defenders employ:

– Surprise Element

Defenders often try to catch raiders off guard with unexpected tackles. This element of surprise can disrupt the raider’s plans and increase the chances of a successful tackle.

– Cornering the Raider

Pushing the raider towards the edges of the court limits their movement options, making it easier to execute a ‘Super Tackle.’

– Timing the Dive

A well-timed dive can catch the raider mid-air, leaving them with no escape. This technique requires precision and practice.

– Communication

Defenders must communicate effectively to coordinate their efforts. Non-verbal cues and signals play a crucial role in executing a successful ‘Super Tackle.’

FAQs about ‘Super Tackle’ in Kabaddi

Q: Can a ‘Super Tackle’ be attempted by any defender?

A: Yes, any defender can attempt a ‘Super Tackle’ when a raider enters their team’s half of the court.

Q: What happens if the raider successfully escapes a ‘Super Tackle’?

A: If the raider escapes, they earn two points for their team, and the defending team loses the opportunity to raid.

Q: Are there any safety concerns for defenders during a ‘Super Tackle’?

A: Defenders must be cautious to avoid dangerous tackles that could lead to injuries. Safety is a priority in Kabaddi.

Q: How does a ‘Super Tackle’ impact the overall score of a Kabaddi match?

A: A successful ‘Super Tackle’ adds two points to the defending team’s score and can be a game-changer in close matches.

Q: Can a raider counter a ‘Super Tackle’?

A: Yes, skilled raiders can use evasive maneuvers or brute strength to escape a ‘Super Tackle’ attempt.

Q: Are there any famous players known for their ‘Super Tackle’ expertise?

A: Yes, several Kabaddi legends are renowned for their ‘Super Tackle’ abilities, including Anup Kumar and Manjeet Chhillar.


In the world of Kabaddi, the ‘Super Tackle’ is more than just a move; it’s a game-changer. This article has provided a detailed look at what ‘Super Tackle’ in Kabaddi entails, from its elements to the strategies that make it effective. Whether you’re a seasoned Kabaddi enthusiast or a newcomer to the sport, understanding the ‘Super Tackle’ adds a layer of excitement to this thrilling game.

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