What happens if match is tied in pro kabaddi playoffs?

Pro Kabaddi is a thrilling and action-packed sport that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. When it comes to the playoffs, the stakes are higher than ever. But what happens if a match in the Pro Kabaddi playoffs ends in a tie? In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the rules and scenarios that come into play when a Pro Kabaddi playoff match results in a tie. From sudden death to thrilling shootouts, you’ll discover the exciting possibilities that await tied matches in Pro Kabaddi playoffs.

Exploring Tie-Breaking Scenarios

Sudden Death Showdown

In the event of a tie in a Pro Kabaddi playoff match, the tension reaches its peak as teams face off in a sudden death showdown. The rules for sudden death are straightforward: the first team to score a point wins the match. This intense battle of wits and skills often results in heart-stopping moments that leave fans breathless.

Kabaddi Shootout

Another thrilling tie-breaking scenario in Pro Kabaddi playoffs is the Kabaddi shootout. This is a test of nerves, agility, and strategy. Each team selects a raider and a defender to participate. The raider’s goal is to tag as many defenders as possible within a specified time, while the defender’s objective is to prevent the raider from doing so. The team with the most successful raids wins the match.

Coin Toss

In rare cases where sudden death and Kabaddi shootout fail to determine a winner, a simple coin toss can come into play. This method is used as a last resort to break the tie and decide the victor. While it may seem anticlimactic compared to the previous scenarios, the suspense is undeniable.


Q: Can a tied match in Pro Kabaddi playoffs end without a tie-breaker?

A: No, tied matches in Pro Kabaddi playoffs always go into a tie-breaker to determine the winner.

Q: How long does sudden death last?

A: Sudden death continues until one team scores a point, and there is no time limit.

Q: Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the Kabaddi shootout?

A: Yes, each team selects one raider and one defender to participate in the shootout.

Q: What happens if the coin toss is used to break the tie?

A: The team that wins the coin toss is declared the winner of the match.

Q: Can a tied match in Pro Kabaddi playoffs occur in the finals?

A: Yes, tied matches can occur at any stage of the playoffs, including the finals.

Q: Are there any variations in tie-breaking rules for women’s Pro Kabaddi?

A: The tie-breaking rules are the same for both men’s and women’s Pro Kabaddi.


In the high-stakes world of Pro Kabaddi playoffs, a tied match adds an extra layer of excitement. From sudden death showdowns to thrilling Kabaddi shootouts and even coin tosses, the rules ensure that there is always a definitive winner. So, the next time you watch a Pro Kabaddi playoff match and it ends in a tie, you’ll know exactly what happens and how the victor is determined.

Don’t miss out on the heart-pounding action of Pro Kabaddi playoffs, where ties are just another opportunity for teams to showcase their skills and determination.

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