Am I right in saying that Kabaddi is an international game?

Kabaddi, a sport that originated in ancient India, has evolved over the years, gaining popularity not only on the Indian subcontinent but also across the globe. In this article, we will take you on a journey to understand whether Kabaddi can be truly considered an international game.

The Global Reach of Kabaddi

Kabaddi has indeed transcended borders and made its presence felt in various parts of the world. Let’s explore how this traditional sport has become an international sensation.

Kabaddi in Asia

Asia has been the cradle of Kabaddi, with countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh having a rich history in the sport. These nations have consistently performed well in international competitions, showcasing the depth of talent and passion for Kabaddi in the region.

Kabaddi Beyond Asia

In recent years, Kabaddi has gained traction outside of Asia. Countries like Iran and Kenya have shown remarkable progress in the sport. The participation of non-Asian teams in international tournaments is evidence of Kabaddi’s growing global appeal.

Kabaddi in International Competitions

The inclusion of Kabaddi in multi-sport events like the Asian Games and the introduction of the Kabaddi World Cup have contributed to its international recognition. Teams from various countries compete at these prestigious events, further establishing Kabaddi as a global sport.

FAQs About Kabaddi’s International Status

Is Kabaddi an Olympic Sport?

No, Kabaddi is not currently an Olympic sport. However, efforts are being made to promote Kabaddi and gain Olympic recognition in the future.

How Many Countries Play Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is played in over 40 countries, with a growing number of nations embracing the sport and establishing their national teams.

Which Country Dominates International Kabaddi?

India has historically been the dominant force in international Kabaddi, with numerous titles to its name. However, other countries like Iran and Pakistan have also achieved significant success.

Are There Women’s Kabaddi Competitions?

Yes, women’s Kabaddi competitions are held at both national and international levels, showcasing the talent and dedication of female Kabaddi players.

Can Kabaddi Become More Popular Worldwide?

With continued efforts to promote the sport, Kabaddi has the potential to gain even more popularity worldwide, attracting a larger fan base and encouraging more nations to participate.

Where Can I Watch International Kabaddi Matches?

You can watch international Kabaddi matches on various sports channels and streaming platforms. Check local listings for upcoming broadcasts.


In conclusion, the answer to the question, “Am I right in saying that Kabaddi is an international game?” is a resounding yes. Kabaddi has transcended its origins and has become a sport with a global following. While it may not be an Olympic sport yet, its presence in international competitions and the enthusiasm of players and fans worldwide firmly establish it as an international game.

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