Qatar Squad for AFC Asian Cup 2024

Qatar Squad for AFC Asian Cup 2024

The AFC Asian Cup 2024 is on the horizon, and all eyes are on the host nation, Qatar. The Qatar Squad for AFC Asian Cup 2024 boasts a lineup of 26 talented players ready to make their mark in this highly anticipated football event. In this article, we delve into the roles of each player, the team’s schedule, and a glimpse into Qatar’s impressive AFC Championship history.

Exploring the Roles of Qatar Squad Players

Goalkeepers: The Guardian Angels

The goalkeeping trio of Fahad Younes, Meshaal Barsham, and Yousef Hassan stands as the formidable last line of defense for Qatar. With Salah Zakaria also in the mix, Qatar’s goal is well-guarded.

Defensive Wall: Solid Centre Backs

Qatar’s defensive lineup is anchored by a robust group of centre-backs, including Pedro Miguel, Bassam Al-Rawi, Yousef Aymen, Lucas Mendes, Boualem Khoukhi, Jassem Gaber Abdulsallam, and Tarek Salman. This defensive wall is poised to thwart any opponent’s advances.

Fullbacks: Dynamic Duo

Hazem Ahmed and Homam Al-Amin, the left-backs, bring agility and precision to the flanks, while on the right, Karim Boudiaf and Ahmed Al-Rawi add a defensive edge. This dynamic duo ensures a balanced and formidable defensive strategy.

Wingers and Forward: Attacking Prowess

In the attacking department, Qatar boasts Akram Afif, Tameem Mansour, Hasan Al-Haydos, Ahmed Al-Rawi, Almoez Ali, Yusuf Abdurisag, Mohammad Muntari, Ahmed Alaaeldin, and Abdullah Maarafiya. With a combination of speed and scoring ability, Qatar aims to dominate the pitch.

Midfield Maestros: Control and Creativity

Qatar’s central midfield, featuring Ahmed Fathi, Mohammed Waad, and Mustafa Mashaal, showcases a blend of control and creativity. Their strategic play is crucial in dictating the pace of the game.

Qatar AFC Schedule 2024

Group A Battles

Group A of the AFC Asian Cup 2024, scheduled from January 12 to 22, promises thrilling encounters. Qatar faces off against Lebanon, Tajikistan, and China, hosting these matches in Lusail, Al Khor, and Al Rayyan, respectively.

Key Matches

  • January 12, 2024: Qatar vs. Lebanon – Lusail, Qatar
  • January 17, 2024: Qatar vs. Tajikistan – Al Khor, Qatar
  • January 22, 2024: Qatar vs. China – Al Rayyan, Qatar

Qatar’s AFC Championship History

In the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021, Qatar showcased their prowess, earning seven points in Group D. A memorable 3–3 draw against Panama marked their debut, setting the tone for an impressive campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many players are in the Qatar Squad for AFC Asian Cup 2024?

A: The squad comprises 26 players, including goalkeepers, defenders, wingers, forwards, and midfielders.

Q: When does Group A of the AFC Asian Cup 2024 take place?

A: Group A matches are scheduled from January 12 to 22, 2024.

Q: Who are Qatar’s key opponents in Group A?

A: Qatar will face Lebanon, Tajikistan, and China in Group A.

Q: Where can I find Qatar’s AFC schedule for 2024?

A: The official website of the Football Association has the detailed schedule.

Q: How did Qatar perform in the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021?

A: Qatar earned seven points in Group D, securing their first point in a thrilling 3–3 draw against Panama.

Q: Can I attend Qatar’s AFC Asian Cup 2024 matches in person?

A: Yes, the matches are hosted in Lusail, Al Khor, and Al Rayyan, offering an opportunity for fans to witness the action live.


As Qatar gears up for the AFC Asian Cup 2024, their squad exudes confidence and determination. With a rich history in the CONCACAF Gold Cup and a talented lineup, Qatar aims to make a lasting impression on the global football stage.

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