Virat Kohli’s Century Efforts in Vain Yet Again IPL 2024

Virat Kohli, the stalwart of Royal Challengers Bengaluru, showcased his prowess yet again by notching up his 8th IPL century in a match against Rajasthan Royals. Despite his stellar performance, his team faced another defeat, highlighting a recurring theme in Kohli’s IPL journey.

Consistent Brilliance Amidst Team Struggles

Kohli’s century, although impressive, couldn’t salvage a win for RCB. The team’s struggle to find rhythm this season has been evident, with Kohli often standing as the lone warrior amidst batting collapses. Despite his efforts, the lack of support from the team has thwarted RCB’s chances in crucial matches.

Reliving Past Instances

This isn’t the first time Kohli has scored a century in a losing cause. Let’s revisit three such instances that reflect Kohli’s individual brilliance amidst team setbacks:

1. 100 off 63 balls against Gujarat Lions in 2016

Back in 2016, Kohli’s unbeaten century against Gujarat Lions showcased his ability to anchor the innings single-handedly. Despite setting a challenging target, RCB failed to defend it, highlighting the team’s bowling vulnerabilities.

2. 101 off 61 balls against Gujarat Titans in 2023

101 off 61 balls against Gujarat Titans in 2023

In 2023, Kohli’s century against Gujarat Titans couldn’t prevent RCB from facing defeat. Despite a competitive total, RCB’s bowlers couldn’t contain the opposition’s onslaught, exposing the team’s bowling frailties once again.

3. 113 off 72 deliveries against Rajasthan Royals in 2024

113 off 72 deliveries against Rajasthan Royals in 2024

The latest addition to the list is Kohli’s recent century against Rajasthan Royals. Despite Kohli’s valiant efforts, RCB succumbed to defeat once more, raising questions about the team’s overall strategy and performance.

Challenges Persist Despite Individual Brilliance

While Kohli’s individual brilliance shines through, RCB continues to grapple with team dynamics and performance issues. The lack of consistency from other key players, including Glenn Maxwell, has added to the team’s woes, making it difficult to translate individual milestones into team victories.

Looking Ahead

As the IPL season progresses, RCB finds itself in a precarious position, needing to address its team dynamics and performance issues urgently. While Kohli’s stellar performances offer glimmers of hope, the team’s overall strategy and execution need significant improvements to turn the tide in their favor.


Virat Kohli’s century efforts, although commendable, have once again ended in disappointment for RCB. As the team navigates through challenges, the onus lies on collective effort and strategic planning to translate individual brilliance into team success in the remainder of the IPL season.

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