The Omission of Sanju Samson: A Puzzling Decision by the Selection Committee

In a surprising move, the Indian cricket team’s selection committee recently dropped Sanju Samson from the squad for the last T20 series before the much-anticipated World Cup. The decision has sparked speculation and debate among fans and experts, with many questioning the rationale behind sidelining such an experienced player. It appears that the coach and captain are not entirely satisfied with Samson’s performance, given that Jitesh Sharma has been given an opportunity in his absence. This decision has raised eyebrows, as Samson has long been considered a valuable asset to Team India. In this article, we explore the possible reasons behind Samson’s exclusion and why some believe he remains the best option for the team.

The Experience Factor:

Sanju Samson’s exclusion from the squad in favor of Jitesh Sharma has left fans perplexed, especially considering Samson’s wealth of experience in international cricket. Having donned the Indian jersey on numerous occasions, Samson has showcased his skills as a dynamic and reliable batsman. His ability to adapt to different formats and handle pressure situations has made him a dependable player over the years. The decision to drop him implies a shift in focus, possibly towards injecting fresh talent into the team. However, the question remains whether such a move is wise, especially with a major tournament like the World Cup on the horizon.

Performance Concerns:

While the selection committee’s decision may stem from concerns about Sanju Samson’s recent performances, it is crucial to examine whether these concerns are justified. Cricket is a game of uncertainties, and players often go through phases of highs and lows. Samson, known for his explosive batting and agility behind the stumps, has the potential to be a game-changer. It remains to be seen if the management is willing to give him the necessary support and confidence to bounce back.

The Advocates for Samson:

Many voices within the cricketing community argue that Sanju Samson is, without a doubt, the best option for Team India, particularly in the T20 format. His ability to anchor an innings or play aggressive strokes when needed provides the team with flexibility in various situations. Samson’s experience, combined with his skill set, makes him a formidable choice, especially in high-pressure tournaments like the World Cup. Fans rallying behind #IamSanjuSamson believe that his exclusion is a missed opportunity for the team to leverage his potential.


The omission of Sanju Samson from the Indian T20 squad has fueled speculation about the team’s strategy and the selection committee’s vision leading up to the World Cup. While the decision to include Jitesh Sharma may be an attempt to explore new talent, the cricketing community remains divided on whether this comes at the cost of sidelining a seasoned player like Samson. As the World Cup approaches, the dynamics of the team and the role each player will play in achieving success will undoubtedly be scrutinized. The ultimate test for the selection committee’s decision will unfold on the field, where performance will speak louder than speculation. #INDvsAFG

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