RP Singh’s Take on Rajat Patidar’s Approach in IND vs ENG Test

In a riveting turn of events during the fourth Test between India and England in Ranchi, RP Singh offers valuable insights into Rajat Patidar’s performance. The cricketer-turned-commentator believes that a more audacious strategy could have altered the course of the game for Patidar.

The Crucial Dismissal

Patidar’s quick departure with a six-ball duck raised eyebrows as India chased a challenging 192-run target. At 100/3, the situation looked dire, but the resilient duo of Shubman Gill and Dhruv Jurel managed a game-changing unbroken 72-run partnership, leading India to a commendable five-wicket victory and securing a 3-1 series lead.

RP Singh’s Perspective

During a candid discussion on Colors Cineplex, RP Singh shared his thoughts on Patidar’s recurring struggles. He emphasized the need for a more attacking approach:

“He could have batted a little more attackingly today. He should have adopted a fearless approach. There is no technical issue as such. I would say he is going through a bad time.”

Embracing Change

RP Singh suggests that Patidar, known for excelling in shorter formats, needed to adapt his approach to the demands of the longer format. In the face of adversity, a bold and fearless strategy might have been the game-changer.

“If he had played some brave shots, things could have changed. If you play in your shell and think that you will spend time and score runs, it wasn’t possible on this wicket. So attack would have been a good option for Rajat Patidar. He could have taken some risks,” the former India pacer added.

Missed Opportunities

Patidar, coming in at 99/2 after Rohit Sharma’s dismissal, faced challenges against Shoaib Bashir’s bowling. Despite defending against over-pitched deliveries, he was eventually caught by Ollie Pope at a slightly backward short leg.

Final Verdict

RP Singh’s analysis points towards the need for adaptability and courage in the face of challenging situations. Patidar’s innings might have taken a different turn had he embraced a more aggressive mindset. As cricket enthusiasts dissect the game, the emphasis on evolving strategies remains a crucial aspect for every player aiming to make a mark in the longer format.

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