Ricky Ponting Dismisses Fitness Concerns over Rishabh Pant

Delhi Capitals’ head coach, Ricky Ponting, shrugged off worries regarding the fitness of their skipper, Rishabh Pant, following their recent clash against the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in IPL 2024 action. Despite Pant seeking the aid of the team physio during the match, Ponting attributed it to fatigue, asserting that Pant displayed no signs of distress after receiving treatment.

Ponting’s Reassurance

Ponting assured the media in a post-match briefing that Pant’s apparent need for physio attention was likely due to fatigue rather than any significant fitness issue. He emphasized Pant’s movement on the field post-treatment, noting the absence of any noticeable hobbling.

Focus on Performance

Amidst concerns over Pant’s fitness, Ponting diverted attention towards the skipper’s commendable batting performance in recent matches. He lauded Pant’s resilience and positive contributions with the bat, citing his back-to-back half-centuries as a testament to his form and capability under pressure.

Impressive Batting Display

Pant’s batting prowess shone through in the face of adversity, with impactful innings against both the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and KKR. His aggressive approach and ability to build crucial partnerships were highlighted as key assets for the Delhi Capitals.

DRS Blunders

Despite his batting heroics, Pant’s fielding left much to be desired, particularly in his handling of the Decision Review System (DRS). Misjudgments in DRS calls resulted in missed opportunities to dismiss key opposition players, prompting scrutiny over his awareness and decision-making on the field.

Addressing Fielding Mishaps

Ponting acknowledged Pant’s lapses in judgment regarding DRS calls but downplayed their significance in the grand scheme of things. He emphasized the team’s need to address larger concerns such as bowling strategies, field placements, and time management on the field.

Looking Forward

As Delhi Capitals grapple with a slow start to IPL 2024, Ponting remains optimistic about the team’s prospects. Despite their current position in the standings, Ponting remains focused on rectifying issues and rallying the team towards a more competitive showing in the upcoming matches.


While fitness concerns briefly clouded Rishabh Pant’s performance, Ricky Ponting’s reassurances and focus on Pant’s batting prowess provide a glimmer of hope for Delhi Capitals’ resurgence in IPL 2024. With Ponting’s guidance and Pant’s resilience, the team aims to overcome challenges and reclaim their position among the tournament’s frontrunners.

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