Majhi Mumbai’s Misery Against Tigers Of Kolkata

In a clash of titans at the Dadoji Konddev Stadium, Thane, Majhi Mumbai faced a crushing defeat against the Tigers of Kolkata in the final showdown of the Indian Street Premier League 2024. Opting to bat first, Mumbai stumbled early, failing to counter Kolkata’s formidable bowling lineup.

Vijay Pawle managed a mere 13 runs, highlighting Mumbai’s struggle as they posted a dismal total of 58/9. Bhavesh Pawar spearheaded Kolkata’s attack, clinching three crucial wickets, while Raju Mukhiya and Babbu Rana provided ample support with two wickets each.

ISPL 2024 Top Run-Getters

Abhishek Kumar Dalhor emerged as the standout performer of the tournament, showcasing exemplary batting prowess for Majhi Mumbai. With an impressive tally of 194 runs in seven innings, including two half-centuries, Dalhor claimed the coveted title of the league’s leading run-scorer.

Prathamesh Pawar of Kolkata trailed closely behind with 165 runs, contributing significantly to his team’s success. Ketan Mhatre, Munna Shaikh, and Ajaz Qureshi also made notable contributions, solidifying their positions among the top run-getters.

Tigers’ Triumph: Bhavesh Pawar Leads the Bowling Charge

In a stellar display of bowling dominance, Bhavesh Pawar played a pivotal role in Tigers of Kolkata’s triumphant campaign. His stellar performance in the final match, securing three crucial wickets, cemented his status as one of the tournament’s standout bowlers.

Raju Mukhiya, alongside Pawar, showcased exceptional bowling skills, sharing the spotlight as the joint highest wicket-taker of ISPL 2024. Their collective efforts stifled opposing batsmen and propelled Kolkata to clinch the championship title.

Top Wicket-Takers of ISPL 2024

Bhavesh Pawar and Raju Mukhiya topped the charts as the leading wicket-takers, showcasing remarkable consistency and skill throughout the tournament. Rajesh Sorte, Devid Gogoi, and Bashrat Hussain Wani followed closely, rounding off the top five with commendable performances.

Dilip Binjwa, Babbu Rana, Abhishek Kumar Dalhor, Vishwanath Jadhav, and Bhushan Gole also earned plaudits for their contributions to their respective teams’ bowling arsenals.

Kolkata’s Balanced Ensemble Secures Victory

Tigers of Kolkata’s triumph in the Indian Street Premier League 2024 was a testament to their balanced squad, where both batsmen and bowlers played integral roles in securing victory. Bhavesh Pawar’s all-round brilliance and Kolkata’s collective effort propelled them to clinch the inaugural championship title in style.

As the curtains fall on ISPL 2024, the league has witnessed exceptional cricketing talent, fierce competition, and unforgettable moments, setting the stage for future editions to exceed expectations and captivate audiences worldwide.

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