Cameron Green Reveals Emotional Struggle with Chronic Kidney Disease

Australian cricketer Cameron Green, renowned for his prowess on the field, has candidly shared the emotional burden he carries due to his ongoing battle with chronic kidney disease. The 24-year-old all-rounder, representing both Australia and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), opened up about the challenges he faces, expressing moments of self-blame and guilt.

Green, who has been grappling with the condition since birth, disclosed that he often feels a sense of guilt for potentially holding back his team due to his health concerns. In a recent interview with Channel 7, he acknowledged the gravity of his situation, emphasizing the importance of managing his condition to prevent further deterioration.

Wrestling with Internal Struggles

Reflecting on his journey, Green admitted to questioning the fairness of his predicament, wondering why he must face such challenges while others remain unaffected. He confessed to moments of emotional turmoil, where he grapples with feelings of inadequacy and self-blame, particularly when his health impacts his performance on the field.

A Promising Career Amidst Health Challenges

Despite his health setbacks, Green has emerged as a promising talent in international cricket, earning accolades for his exceptional performances across all formats. Notably, his recent standout innings against New Zealand showcased his resilience and determination, reaffirming his status as a key player for the Australian team.

Navigating Dietary Restrictions in Professional Cricket

Navigating Dietary Restrictions in Professional Cricket

Green’s condition necessitates strict adherence to dietary restrictions, particularly regarding his salt and protein intake. However, he faces additional challenges while playing in tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL), where food options may be limited. Despite the constraints, Green remains committed to managing his diet effectively to optimize his performance on the field.

Adapting to New Environments

Transitioning from one team to another, Green now finds himself representing RCB in the IPL 2024 season after previously playing for the Mumbai Indians. Despite the change in scenery, he remains focused on his health and cricketing aspirations, determined to overcome any obstacles that come his way.


Cameron Green’s candid revelation sheds light on the often overlooked emotional toll of chronic illness in professional sports. Despite facing formidable challenges, Green’s resilience and determination serve as an inspiration to athletes worldwide, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing both physical and mental well-being in pursuit of excellence on the field.

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