Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 25th August 1994
Place of Birth: Balali, Haryana, India
Weight Class: 43kg, 48kg, 49kg, 51kg, 53kg, 55kg
Playing Style: Female Wrestling, Freestyle
Last Updated on: 18th April

Career Highlights

Gold MedalSilver MedalBronze Medal
Olympic Qualification TournamentCommonwealth ChampionshipOlympic Qualification Tournament
Istanbul 2016Johannesburg 2013Astana 2016
Commonwealth GamesAsian ChampionshipAsian Championship
Glasgow 2014Bangkok 2010Jakarta 2011
Gold Coast 2018Bangkok 2011New Delhi 2013
Commonwealth Championship Doha 2015Bangkok 2016
Johannesburg 2017New Delhi 2017Asian Games
  Asian Championship   Bishkek 2018Incheon 2014
  Pune 2009President Cup of Kazakhstan
Astana 2015


RankCompetitionStyleWeight Class
2Asian Championship 2018Female wrestling55
1Commonwealth Championship 2017Female wrestling55
10World Championship 2017Female wrestling48
2Asian Championship 2017Female wrestling55
10Olympic Games 2016Female wrestling48
1Olympic Qualification Tournament 2016Female wrestling48
3Olympic Qualification Tournament 2016Female wrestling48
3Asian Championship 2016Female wrestling53
5Pro Wrestling League 2015FreestyleTeam
22World Championship 2015Female wrestling48
2President Cup of Kazakhstan 2015Female wrestling48
2Asian Championship 2015Female wrestling48
3Asian Games 2014Female wrestling48
1Commonwealth Games 2014Female wrestling48
5Asian Championship 2014Female wrestling48
2Commonwealth Championship 2013Female wrestling51
10World Championship 2013Female wrestling51
3Asian Championship 2013Female wrestling51
5World Cup 2013Female wrestling51
9World Championship 2011 (Cadets)Female wrestling49
2Asian Championship 2011 (Cadets)Female wrestling49
12World Championship 2011 (Juniors)Female wrestling48
3Asian Championship 2011 (Juniors)Female wrestling48
2Asian Championship 2010 (Cadets)Female wrestling49
1Asian Championship 2009 (Cadets)Female wrestling43
Statistics Source : UWW


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