Top 5 Indian Bowlers in the Pre-Modern Era

Cricket is a religion in India. This game is followed by people like no other. You ask them any of the records and they will tell you with pin point perfection.
When the batsman totally dominated the game, there were Indian Bowlers who made their mark even in era of the West Indian Giants, Pakistani Pacers and the Australian Killers.

Here are Top 5 Indian Bowlers who made their mark in the 90’s –

1. Kapil Dev

One of the greatest captains India has ever had and a brilliant Cricketer Kapil Dev was absolutely fabulous during his cricketing career.
Stating his career highlights is next to impossible as he has so many records to his name.

Kapil captained the Indian Side that won the 1983 Cricket World Cup.

He became the first player to take 200 wickets in ODI.

He took 434 test wickets in his 16 years of cricket and also held the record for most number of test wickets until Courtney Walsh broke it in 2000.

9/83 and 5/43 are his best figures in Tests and ODIs.
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Photo: ESPN Cricinfo

The wicket of Andy Roberts in the final made sure that Indians are World Cup Winners for the first time in their history.

Reason:His tendency to lead the team and take the wickets in difficult situations gives him the 1st spot in my list.

2. Anil Kumble

In terms of wickets taken, Anil Kumble can be regarded as one of the Top 3 Bowlers India has ever produced.

His 619 Test Wickets and 337 ODI Wickets make him a legendary bowler.
On paper he was a right arm leg break bowler but all us know his balls hardly spun.
Rather than the spin, Kumble mostly focused on line, length and accuracy. He anticipated the bounce and the behaviour of the pitch and thus bowled accordingly.

Commitment and dedication is what one should definitely learn from Anil.
Let me take you back to the 2002 test match against West Indies. Kumble’s jaw was literally broken.

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Photo: The Hindu

He still decided to stay on the field after taping his jaw to his face. And guess what! He took the wicket of Brian Lara with the broken jaw.

That’s commitment!

Anil once bowled 72 overs in an innings because his team needed him to perform. Can you imagine 72 overs?

That’s dedication!

His 10/72 against arch rivals Pakistan will always be remembered!

Reason: The records speak for themselves. Indian Cricket prospered a lot during Anil’s time.
During the time he progressed as a bowler, he even helped others to develop and led another generation of talented bowlers. That’s why he grabs the 2nd spot.

3. Javagal Srinath

Javagal Srinath can be regarded as the bowler who changed the face of Indian Bowling. After Kapil Dev he was the one who took the responsibility and held the Indian Fast Bowling Attack.

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Photo: India Times

He has a massive 315 wickets in 229 ODIs and thus became the first and the only Indian Fast Bowler to take 300 ODI Wickets. He also holds the record to fastest 100 wickets in ODI.
His accurate bowling not only helped him in taking wickets but also provided other bowlers the chance to take wickets. The reason behind this was, batsmen found it extremely difficult to attack Srinath so they took more chances against the other bowlers which eventually handed them wickets.

Javagal was equally successful in Tests as well where he took 236 Wickets in 67 Matches.

His career best is 8/86 in Tests.
His ODI best is 5/23.

His 44 wickets in the World Cup are the joint highest for the Indians along with Zaheer Khan.

4. You can’t forget the 1996 World Cup Match between India and Pakistan.

A Pakistani Batsman hit an Indian Bowler a boundary and showed him the path towards the boundary. The next ball, the batsman was clean bowled and the bowler showed him the path towards the pavilion.

Image result for venkatesh prasad vs aamir sohail

Photo: ESPC Cricinfo

Yes, we are talking about,

Venkatesh Prasad.

The 6 ft 3 inch bowler who proved to be extremely lethal for the Batsman is one of the top Indian Pace Bowlers.
He and Javagal Srinath had a great relationship on the field and used to trouble the Batsman from both ends.
Venkatesh Prasad took 93 wickets in 33 Test Matches and 196 wickets in 161 ODIs.

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Photo: Cricket World

His career best figures include 6/33 in Tests and 5/27 in ODIs.

Reason: along with his statistics, the way he looked towards the game, changed the course of the game. His attitude helped him a lot during games and his bonding with the team members enriched the success of Indian Cricket.

5. Manoj Prabhakar

Looking only at his numbers, you won’t feel that Manoj Prabhakar is among the top bowlers. But if you check the records and his performances then you will surely trust this option.

Manoj was more of a tactical bowler than a wicket taking bowler. His spells at the start of the innings and the way he used the slower ones and out swingers troubled the Batsman.
In his career he took 96 wickets in 39 tests and 157 wickets in 130 ODIs.

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Photo: Cricket Country

His career best figures include 6/92 and 5/33 in Tests and ODIs respectively.
He used to open the batting as well as bowling in the same match. He was known as a defensive opening batsman or a reliable lower order batsman.

Reason: He might be decent with his records but others proved to be superior in comparison to him.
Another reason to mark him 5th in the list is that he has played less number of matches than others.

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