Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 22nd February 1984
Place of Birth: Namchi, Sikkim, India
Handedness: Right
Bow Type: Recurve
Personal Best: Average Arrow : 9.12
Last Updated on: 21st December

Career Highlights

Gold MedalSilver MedalBronze Medal
World CupOlympic Games Final Qualification TournamentAsian Championships
Shanghai 2010_TeamOgden 2012_TeamNew Delhi 2005_Team
Asian Grand Prix TournamentWorld Archery ChampionshipsAsian Games
Dhaka 2009_TeamMadrid 2005_TeamDoha 2006_Team
Dhaka 2009_IndividualWorld CupAsian Grand Prix Tournament
Tehran 2009_TeamWroclaw 2014_TeamJakarta 2005_Individual
Asian Grand PrixOgden 2012_Team
Bangkok 2010_TeamAntalya 2012_Team
Bangkok 2004__IndividualPorec 2011_Team
Porec 2010_Team
Asian Games
Guangzhou 2010_Individual
Asian Grand Prix Tournament
Tehran 2009_Individual


 Olympic Games
9London 2012Team
11Athens 2004Team
17London 2012Individual
42Athens 2004Individual
Olympic Games Final Qualification Tournament
2Ogden 2012Team
Commonwealth Games
9New Delhi 2010Individual
Commonwealth Championships
4New Delhi 2006Individual
World Archery Championships
2Madrid 2005Team
4Madrid 2005Individual
4New York 2003Team
9Mexico City 2017Team
9Belek Antalya 2013Individual
9Belek Antalya 2013Team
9Turin 2011Team
10Leipzig 2007Team
17Turin 2011Individual
33New York 2003Individual
39Leipzig 2007Individual
57Mexico City 2017Individual
World Cup
1Shanghai 2010 (Stage 4)Team
2Wroclaw 2014 (Stage 4)Team
2Ogden 2012 (Stage 3)Team
2Antalya 2012 (Stage 2)Team
2Porec 2011 (Stage 1)Team
2Porec 2010 (Stage 1)Team
4Ogden 2012 (Stage 3)Individual
4Santo Domingo 2008 (Stage 1)Individual
5Berlin 2017 (Stage 4)Team
5Dover 2007 (Stage 4)Team
6Bangkok 2015 (Stage 2)Individual
6Wroclaw 2013 (Stage 4)Team
6Medellin 2013 (Stage 3)Team
7Shanghai 2012 (Stage 1)Team
8Shanghai 2012 (Stage 1)Mixed Team
8Antalya 2007 (Stage 3)Team
9Medellin 2016 (Stage 2)Team
9Medellin 2016 (Stage 2)Individual
9Medellin 2013 (Stage 3)Individual
9Shanghai 2012 (Stage 1)Individual
9Antalya 2011 (Stage 2)Team
9Porec 2011 (Stage 1)Individual
9Shanghai 2010 (Stage 4)Individual
9Ogden & UT 2010 (Stage 3)Mixed Team
9Porec 2010 (Stage 1)Individual
10Antalya 2007 (Stage 3)Individual
10Ulsan 2007 (Stage 1)Team
10Porec 2006 (Stage 1)Team
11Antalya 2006 (Stage 2)Team
17Berlin 2017 (Stage 4)Individual
17Wroclaw 2014 (Stage 4)Individual
17Antalya 2012 (Stage 2)Individual
17Ogden & UT 2010 (Stage 3)Individual
17Antalya 2010 (Stage 2)Individual
17Shanghai 2006 (Stage 4)Individual
18Ulsan 2007 (Stage 1)Individual
18Porec 2006 (Stage 1)Individual
32Porec 2008 (Stage 2)Individual
33Shanghai 2014 (Stage 1)Individual
33Wroclaw 2013 (Stage 4)Individual
33Antalya 2011 (Stage 2)Individual
37Antalya 2006 (Stage 2)Individual
42Dover 2007 (Stage 4)Individual
Asian Championships
3New Delhi 2005Team
5Tehran 2011Team
6Taipei City 2013Team
7New Delhi 2005Individual
9Taipei City 2013Individual
9Tehran 2011Individual
Asian Games
2Guangzhou 2010Individual
3Doha 2006Team
Asian Grand Prix Tournament
1Dhaka 2009Team
1Dhaka 2009Individual
1Tehran 2009Team
2Tehran 2009Individual
3Jakarta 2005Individual
10New Delhi 2009Individual
Asian Grand Prix
1Bangkok 2010Team
1Bangkok 2004Individual
11Bangkok 2010Individual
17Bangkok 2014Individual
18Yangun 2006Individual
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