Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 10th December 1995
Place of Birth: Baloke, Barnala, Punjab, India
Height: 7'2" (218 cm)
Weight: 132 kg
Position: Center
Major Teams: Indian National Team, NBA - Dallas Mavericks, NBL Canada - St. John's Edge, NBA G League - Texas Legends Foreign Club - IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.
Last Updated on: 1st December


One in a Billion


Satnam hails from a small village of Baloke, Punjab. This Chhotu, towering at 7 ft 2″ became the first Indian to be drafted into the prestigious NBA. In this typical like father, like son situation, he was taller than most adults at the age of 9. His father, due to his height, was also advised to enter the basketball scenario in cities but unfortunately Satnam’s grandfather decided otherwise.


Thankfully Balbir, Satnam’s father, when egged to enroll Satnam in Ludhiana Basketball League heeded the suggestion and did enroll Satnam in LBA where he was mentored by Dr. Sankaran Subramanian. With help of IMG (a global sports, other events and talent management company headquartered in New York City) and Reliance he later went on to train in Florida, despite unfamiliarity with English and now plays for Dallas Mavericks in the famed NBA leagues. He also represented India in FIBA Asia Championship.


2017 FIBA Asia Cup10.70
2013 FIBA Asia Championship for Men4.22.70
2011 FIBA Asia Championship2.52.80
Total average per Event:2.62.10
Statistics Source : FIBA


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