Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 10th August 1996
Place of Birth: India
Weight Class: 40kg, 46kg, 49kg, 51kg, 53kg, 69kg
Playing Style: Female Wrestling, Multiple Style Event
Last Updated on: 5th January

Career Highlights

Gold MedalSilver Medal
Commonwealth ChampionshipAsian Championship
Singapore 2016 (53)Manila 2016
Singapore 2016 (69)


RankCompetitionStyleWeight ClassCategory
7Asian Championship 2017Female wrestling53Seniors
6Pro Wrestling League 2017Multiple Style EventTeamSeniors
15Golden Grand Prix 2016Female wrestling53Seniors
1Commonwealth Championship 2016Female wrestling53Seniors
1Commonwealth Championship 2016Female wrestling69Seniors
13World Championship 2016Female wrestling51Juniors
2Asian Championship 2016Female wrestling51Juniors
17World Championship 2015Female wrestling51Juniors
5Asian Championship 2015Female wrestling51Juniors
18World Championship 2014Female wrestling51Juniors
10World Championship 2013Female wrestling49Cadets
7Asian Championship 2013Female wrestling49Cadets
11World Championship 2012Female wrestling46Cadets
10World Championship 2011Female wrestling40Cadets
4Asian Championship 2011Female wrestling40Cadets
Statistics Source : UWW


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