Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 11th March 1980
Place of Birth: Arunachal Pradesh, India
Master Eye: Right
Handedness: Right
Weapon: Pistol
Event: RFP, CFP, STP, FP
Last Updated on: 21st December

Career Highlights

Gold MedalSilver Medal
Commonwealth GamesCommonwealth Games
Melbourne 2006_REF (Pair)Melbourne 2006_REF


Commonwealth Games
1Melbourne 2006RFP (Pair)1134
2Melbourne 2006RFP775
World Championship
9Zagreb 2006RFP579579
20Granada 2014CFP577
 World Cup
5Sydney 2010RFP576191.7767.7
7Fort Benning 2010RFP580580
8Changwon 2009RFP579579
9Fort Benning 2011RFP580580
10Milan 2012RFP582582
10Beijing 2009RFP576576
11Milan 2006RFP578578
12Beijing 2008RFP576576
13Changwon 2013RFP569
13Resende 2006RFP576576
14Belgrade 2010RFP574574
14Sydney 2007RFP577577
15Fort Benning 2013RFP575
16Munich 2008RFP576576
20London 2012RFP576576
22Milan 2008RFP571571
22Munich 2007RFP573573
23Fort Benning 2014RFP568
24Munich 2012RFP571571
26Fort Benning 2007RFP569569
27Maribor 2014RFP573
27Munich 2011RFP572572
27Munich 2005RFP567567
28Munich 2006RFP572572
30Munich 2014RFP571
32Munich 2013RFP568
32Guangzhou 2006RFP567567
34Milan 2005RFP562562
36Granada 2013RFP567
36Bangkok 2007RFP557557
37Munich 2009RFP565565
37Milan 2009RFP558558
41Gabala 2015RFP563
76Munich 2000FP502502
Asian Championship
4Doha 2012CFP583583
6Kuwait 2007RFP577194.8771.8
8Doha 2012RFP577577
Asian Games
8Incheon 2014CFP581
9Doha 2006RFP574574
20Incheon 2014RFP556
22Guangzhou 2010STP550550
Statistics Source: ISSF


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