Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 3rd August 1969
Place of Birth: Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Master Eye: Right
Handedness: Right
Weapon: Rifle
Event: AR40, STR3X20, STR60PR
Last Updated on: 20th December

Career Highlights

Silver Medal
Asian Championship
Kuala Lumpur 2004_AR40


Olympic Games
19Athens 2004STR3X20572572
Commonwealth Games
14Melbourne 2006STR60PR467.1
9Melbourne 2006STR60PR (Pair)744
World Championship
43Zagreb 2006STR3X20571571
70Zagreb 2006AR40390390
World Cup
5Fort Benning, Columbus, Ga 2003AR40398101.2499.2
8Changwon 2003STR3X2058692.6678.6
9Atlanta 2000AR40393393
15Atlanta 1999AR40393393
16Atlanta 2002STR3X20573573
19Milano 2000AR40392392
20Bangkok 2004AR40393393
20Milano 2000STR3X20574574
21Munich 2005AR40396396
21Bangkok 2004STR3X20567567
21Changwon 2003AR40393393
25Fort Benning, Columbus, Ga 2003STR3X20572572
25Sydney 2000STR3X20571571
26Munich 2006STR3X20577577
26Sydney 2004STR3X20565565
26Munich 2000AR40393393
28Changwon 2005STR3X20559559
29Atlanta 2000STR3X20564564
30Fort Benning 2007STR3X20572572
32Munich 2000STR3X20575575
32Sydney 2000AR40389389
33Changwon 2005AR40390390
36Munich 2003STR3X20574574
36Atlanta 1998AR40384384
37Athens 2004STR3X20571571
38Athens 2004AR40392392
38Zagreb 2003STR3X20568568
42Milan 2004STR3X20567567
43Bangkok 2007STR3X20566566
45Zagreb 2003AR40391391
46Munich 2005STR3X20571571
47Milan 2004AR40390390
52Sydney 2007STR3X20559559
56Milan 2005STR3X20557557
63Munich 2003AR40390390
69Milan 2005AR40386386
Asian Championship
2Kuala Lumpur 2004AR40397104.4501.4
7Kuala Lumpur 2004STR3X2057195.9666.9
10Kuala Lumpur 2004STR60PR587587
14Bangkok 2005AR40390390
30Langkawi 2000AR40381381
Asian Games
9Busan 2002AR40394394
10Busan 2002STR3X20574574
19Doha 2006STR3X20570570
20Doha 2006STR60PR578578
Statistics Source: ISSF 


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