Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 19th July 1862
Place of Birth: India
Master Eye: Right
Handedness: Right
Weapon: Shotgun
Event: TR125, DT150
Last Updated on: 19th December

Career Highlights

Gold MedalSilver MedalBronze Medal
Asian ChampionshipAsian ChampionshipCommonwealth Games
New Delhi 2003_TR125Langkawi 2000_TR125Manchester 2002_TR125
Bangkok 2002_TR125Asian Championship
Singapore 2006_TR125
Bangkok 2001_TR125


Olympic Games
26Sydney 2000TR125108108
 Commonwealth Games
3Manchester 2002TR125142
5Manchester 2002TR125 (Pair)154
World Championship
17Zagreb 2006TR125119119
41Lahti 2002TR125114114
43Nicosia 2003TR125116116
46Lonato 2005TR125114114
World Cup
9Sydney 2004TR125114114
9New Dehli 1997TR125109109
11Shanghai 2002TR125119119
14Lonato 2003TR125113113
19Cairo 2004TR125114114
19Sydney 2002TR125114114
21Kumamoto 1999TR125117117
22New Delhi 2003TR125114114
22Suhl 2002TR125108108
24Belgrade 2008TR125117117
24Kerrville 2008TR125113113
24Qingyuan City 2006TR125118118
25Lonato 1999TR125114114
26Rome 2005TR125113113
27Americana 2004TR125107107
27Sydney 2000TR125112112
29Suhl 2006TR125117117
31Cairo 2000TR125105105
35Munich 2009TR125119119
35Athens 2004TR125107107
35Latsia 1999TR125117117
36Cairo 2009TR125105105
36Americana 2005TR125109109
39Cairo 2006TR125114114
40Tucson 2012TR125109109
40Granada 2003TR125118118
40Nicosia 1997TR125108108
46Kerrville 2006TR125109109
48Santo Domingo 2007TR125113113
49Suhl 2008TR125115115
50Lonato 1997TR125109109
53Lonato 2007TR125114114
58London 2012TR125110110
71Belgrade 2005TR125111111
88Lonato 2000TR125100100
92Lonato 2012TR125102102
108Lonato 2001TR1259696
Asian Championship
1New Delhi 2003TR12511824142
1Bangkok 2002TR12511424138
2Langkawi 2000TR12511924143
3Singapore 2006TR12511919138
3Bangkok 2001TR12511222134
5Manila 2007TR12511817135
6Bangkok 2004TR12511522137
8Almaty 2009TR125109109
9Kuala Lumpur 2004TR125115115
13Brunei Darusalam 1997TR125112112
13Shanghai 1996TR125110110
25Kuala Lumpur 2011TR125108108
34Brunei Darusalam 1997DT1509090
Asian Games
6Doha 2006TR12511012122
12Busan 2002TR125110110
Statistics Source: ISSF


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