Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 5th January 1991
Place of Birth: Ganna Pind, Phillaur, Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Height: 6'11" (212 cm)
Weight: 110 kg
Position: Center
Major Teams:
Last Updated on: 1st December


Started Playing Basketball at the age of 19


Amritpal is an excellent example of what happens when you have the potential and passion, even if you’re late to the party. He didn’t start playing basketball until he was 19 (in 2009) and rose through the ranks to become the captain of Indian basketball team in merely 7 years.


Bearing in mind that he started playing considerably later, this is a feat in itself. Maybe this is why he was picked to play for Sydney Kings in NBL by coach Andrew Gaze.


Competition PPG RPG APG
2017 FIBA Asia Cup 11 8.7 0.7
2016 FIBA Asia Champions Cup 17 9.2 1.2
2016 FIBA Asia Challenge 17.8 10.4 1.5
2015 FIBA Asia Championship 11 7.8 0.6
2014 FIBA Asia Cup 10.3 6.7 0.6
2013 FIBA Asia Championship for Men 6.4 5.5 0.2
2011 FIBA Asia Championship 2 2.8 0.5
Total average per Event: 10.8 7.3 0.8
Statistics Source : FIBA


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