Parag Patil – The Man Who Is Beyond Aims And Achievements

The Man, the Myth

What would a normal 40 year old man do? The appropriate answer would be: Concentrate on his job and family and don’t try to disturb the regular routine!
This man named Parag Patil is something beyond the normal human. Born on 2nd Jan 1979, he is a professional athlete who represents India in the events 100 m Run, Long Jump & Triple Jump.

The only aim he kept when he started training was to represent the nation in international competitions.

The Journey

He took some serious efforts and trained extremely hard for 22 years and thus won 3 silver medals in his first ever international championship.

These 22 years taught him lessons of life. He learnt different ways to live life and overcome the problems.
His efforts finally paid off in 2013 when he represented India in Senior Olympic 2 series 2013 and 2017, Australian Masters Games 2015 and Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018.

Parag has performed brilliantly and has 12 medals up till now:

2 Gold
7 Silver
3 Bronze

At the age of 9, he started training in athletes. Belonging to a moderate background, facilities and equipment was not at his doorstep when he needed. He saved money his parents gave him for food, traveled via bus without ticket and using that money, he bought shoes from the market area.

The Hardships, the Struggles

Funding has been a main issue for Parag. He tries to raise funds from the Indian citizens and thus help him complete his dream of winning a medal for the country. He truly believes that Indians will help him in this cause.

When asked about the problems and difficulties faced, Parag says, “It is tough for me at this age to manage all the things. The main problem I face is funding. International Tours and Competitions are expensive and being a family man I cannot invest all my money into it. After the age of 30, parents expect me to settle for a permanent job and earn handsome amount of money. People actually don’t pay attention to senior athletes; Senior doesn’t mean players who have been playing for a long time, but a senior athlete means the player who represents India in the Senior Olympic Games, World Masters Games, Australian Masters Games etc.”

Parag started earning in 2000 and his monthly salary was 1200. He then saved some money from that and bought good quality shoes which costed around 1500-2000.
His hard work paid off and he was the best player during the years 1997-2001.
He also received the best athlete award by the Industrial Sports Association in 2005 and 2009 which particularly functions for the workers.

Food For Thought

From 2013 till date, Parag handled the sales and management of Open Gym Equipment.

Now from the past few years he works as a coach at the LetzRun Academy and trains enthusiasts in the age group 5 – 75+. Parag mainly focuses on Professional Athletics, Professional Marathon and General Fitness.

His records as a coach are simply magnificent and his 4-5 sessions make a huge difference for a person who is going to compete in any tournament.

International Achievements

1. Asia Pacific Masters Games 2018 Penang Malaysia 1 Bronze medal in Triple Jump.
2. World Masters Games (Senior Olympic) 2017 Auckland 1 Silver Medal in Triple Jump on second day after major accident while long jump.
3. Australian Masters Games 2015 Adelaide 2 Gold & 2 Silver Medals.
4. World Masters Games (Senior Olympic) 2013 Italy 1 Silver Medal & 2 Bronze Medals.
5. 1st Veterans Athletics Championship 2010 Balewadi Pune 3 Silver Medals.

Looking at his career and his story each and every person will seek inspiration.

Parag says, “100 medals for India is my aim. I have won 12 and you can help me win the rest 88 medals. I take efforts and make sure I give my 100% for the country. I just need monetary help from you all. Funds raised by you can give me an opportunity to win a Gold Medal for India.

Funds Raising – Monetary Help

Parag is going to participate in the 2019 European Masters Games which is going to be held in Turin, Italy from 26 July to 4 August. This is a 31 sport mega event and you can Google about it.

Just think how much we spend when we visit a restaurant or go for a trip. Your small help can define this man’s career.

Your donation can help India win a Gold Medal. Your concern can help the athlete to hoist the Indian Flag at the top.

At the age of 40, Parag still has the urge to win laurels for India. Your small contribution can define is future.

Imagine the headlines in 2 months.
“Parag Patil wins Gold for India in European Masters”

Reading this you will be proud that funds raised by you have helped him to win big at the biggest tournaments.

We at Sportsbeatsindia really want to help athletes like Parag to achieve their dreams and even your small contributions can make a huge difference.

We request you all to look into this and help Parag win medals for India.

Please contact – 8459307116 for further details. Or you can also email
You can donate or raise funds for Parag.

By calling or emailing you will get to know about the process.
We are expecting a positive response from you all.
Jai Hind!

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