Neeraj Chopra – Creating and Breaking Records in Javelin Throw

In a country where cricket is the only major sport , choosing a different sport and achieving international success in that game is really creditable.
Creating a record and breaking that one has been a routine for the Javelin Thrower Neeraj Chopra.

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You might think that 80kg weight at the age of 11-12 years is almost impossible. But Neeraj at that age was beyond obesity. As a matter of serious concern his parents asked him to approach a fitness ground in order to reduce weight and get back to normal.

The Start

After decent fitness training for about 3-4 months, Neeraj saw someone practicing the Javelin Throw.
He decided to try it once and had a decent attempt. His coaches suggested him to focus on that game after observing his first raw attempt.

First 12 months were extremely hard for Neeraj as he couldn’t even make a perfect throw which was technically perfect. Hard work and consistent efforts has brought Neeraj to what level he is currently standing.

Start of an Era

The first recognized tournament that Neeraj participated in was World Youth Championship 2013 where he made a throw of 66.75m.
The latest major tournament he participated was 2018 Asian Games where he made a throw of 88.06m thus creating a new national record and breaking his previous national record.

This journey of 5 years and improvement of almost 20m is not at all easy. Neeraj has faced many hardships, vigorous training sessions and what not.
Neeraj is 21 years old and the throw he makes at this age is certainly a record. Current Olympic Champions and World Champions couldn’t reach these records when they were 21.

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Consistent practise, control over diet and determination to succeed in any circumstances has made Neeraj a strong contender at the 2020 Olympics.

A setback that changed the course

After brilliant performances in the Junior Asian Championships and South Asian Games the expectancy level rose and everyone expected Neeraj to perform magnificently in the 2016 Rio Olympics.
Luck didn’t go his way and he failed to get pass the 83m mark and thus failed to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics.
Giving up was never an option for Neeraj as he worked even harder and came back with a Gold Medal at the 2017 Asian Championships making a throw of 85.23m.
From that win, there was no looking back for Chopra as he went on to win many major tournaments.

Here is a list of Neeraj’s International Success –

• Gold Medal – 2016 South Asian Games
• Silver Medal – 2016 Asian Junior Championships
• Gold Medal – 2016 U20 World Championships; he created a World Junior Record of 86.48m
• Gold Medal – 2017 Asian Championships
• Gold Medal – 2018 Commonwealth Games
• Gold Medal – 2018 Savo Games
• Gold Medal – 2018 Asian Games; he created a national record of 88.06m

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He is an Arjuna Award winner for his brilliant contribution in the field of Athletics.

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