Mental Skills For Sporting Achievements

Excelling in any sport is the most challenging thing to achieve. High level of performance needs a lot of hard work, cross a lot of hurdles on the way, follow a strict discipline, and  practice mental skills. Not just for a few months or few years but for many years and till the time you decide to retire. Players usually start training for any particular sport at a very young age. We see 5-6 year old children getting up early for training even in extreme winters and rains and hot summers. We see them focusing and practising when children of their age are enjoying other activities like family functions, trips and vacations. To be successful in sport one needs dedication, a strong motivation to keep on working hard, a strongest desire to win, highest level of fitness both physical skills and psychological skills. It also requires that a player should not become too anxious, too stressed, disheartened, scared of competition, fearful, lacking in motivation, losing focus and concentration. Every player who participates in competitions experiences at least a few of these issues at one or the other time.

That is why all players whether they are individual game players or team game players, need to learn a number of mental or psychological skills along with their sport and physical fitness training. Learning sport psychology skills gives them an advantage over their opponents to perform better in highest levels of competitions. Almost all elite players are associated with a Sport Psychologist to learn and practice mental skills.

As the level of competition increases and becomes tougher and tougher the need for Mental Skills increases too. When you observe the matches of elite players, along with their amazing sporting abilities you distinctly notice their Mental Abilities, how they manage stress, their toughness in difficult situations, their focus and also their decision making.

You can achieve that too if you learn mental skills and practice them along with your sport sessions.

To take advantage of this facility players, coaches and parents can call on the following number and make an appointment.

Dr Jyoti Kanitkar

Sport Psychology trainer and consultant


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