Chess : Pranesh and Velpula Sarayu are the Champions

Photo: All India Chess Federation

33rd VMRDA National Under 13 Open and Girls Chess Championship 2019, Visakhapatnam

FIDE Master M Pranesh of Tamil Nadu and Velpula Sarayu of Telangana were adjudged as the champions of the national under 13 Open and Girls chess championship respectively which got concluded at the Children’s arena, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh on Sunday.

Photo: All Indian Chess Federation

Curiously it was a three-way tie in the open and two-way tie in the girls’ section and the title issue was resolved in both sections by virtue of Direct encounter. In the open both Pranesh M and Pranav V settled for draw against their respective opponents in the eleventh and the final round to stay at 9 points each. This helped FM Jubin Jimmy of Kerala who outwitted A R Ilamparthi of Tamil Nadu to join the others on 9 points.

In the first tie break system via Direct encounter since the top seed Pranesh has defeated both Pranav and Jubin Jimmy he emerged as the champion and carried home the winner’s purse of Rs. 27000/-. Pranav who handed over the defeat to Jubin Jimmy earlier was the runner up and the third place went to Jubin Jimmy.

Photo: All India Chess Federation

In the girls section Velpula Sarayu playing on the top table split the point against WCM Wankhade Sanskruti of Maharashtra in the final round to stay at 9 points. WCM Kriti Mayur Patel who accounted for Panda Miracle of Orissa also joined Sarayu to tie for the first place. Here too the Direct encounter favored Velpula Sarayu to lift the winner’s trophy as well as the cash award of Rs.27000/-. Kriti Mayur Patel was second and in a nine way tie for the title V Renganayaki of Karnataka finished third on account of higher Buchholz score.

In a glittering prize award ceremony Smt. G Srijana, I.A.S., Joint Collector, Visakhapatnam District felicitated the toppers in the presence of Shri. D V Sundar, Vice President, FIDE and Shri. Bharath Singh Chauhan, Secretary, All India Chess Federation.

Final Ranking


Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1 TB2 TB3
11FMPranesh MIND2333TN9,02,075,080,5
22Pranav VIND2315TN9,01,080,585,0
33FMJubin JimmyIND2214KER9,00,077,583,0
46Manish Kumar (2006)IND1953Orissa8,50,077,082,5
512Aditya Varun GampaIND1826TEL8,50,075,080,5
624Krishnan RitvikIND1685MAH8,50,071,075,5
720Sreekar J S SIND1728TEL8,50,070,573,5
84CMNikhil MagizhnanIND2175TN8,00,076,081,0
97Harshad SIND1917TN8,00,074,579,5
105Ilamparthi A RIND2074TN8,00,073,078,5
1134Koustuv DashIND1591Orissa8,00,072,577,0
129Chilukuri Sai VarshithIND1888AP8,00,071,076,0
1326Dhanvij AnshIND1677MAH8,00,070,575,5
1410Shreyash Shuvam PatnaikIND1868Orissa8,00,070,575,5
1525Mayank ChakrabortyIND1684Assam8,00,069,575,0
1616Vinay R JumaniIND1765TN8,00,067,572,5
1744Shounak MazumderIND1545WB8,00,064,569,0
1821Mohanty SoyamsreeIND1723Orissa8,00,062,565,5
1933Prithvvi SinghIND1593UP7,50,072,578,0
2023Bhavyay GuptaIND1689Delhi7,50,069,074,5

Final Ranking


Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1 TB2 TB3
11Velpula SarayuIND1768TEL9,01,077,583,0
217WCMKriti Mayur PatelIND1449MAH9,00,073,578,5
36AIMRenganayaki VIND1610KAR8,00,075,079,5
43Boramanikar Tanisha SIND1694MAH8,00,074,579,5
511Kheerthi GantaIND1545TEL8,00,074,076,5
623Panda MiracleIND1379Orissa8,00,073,075,5
74WCMWankhade SanskrutiIND1630MAH8,00,070,575,0
82Meenatchi Rajam VIND1714TN8,00,069,574,5
95Akshaya RajaramanIND1617TN8,00,067,572,0
1031Barik BijayalaxmiIND1344Orissa8,00,067,571,5
1115WCMPatel Riddhi RIND1461GUJ8,00,066,572,0
1213Yash Jyoti BirIND1507WB7,50,070,575,5
1318Rout YashitaIND1440Orissa7,50,067,572,5
1410Ratnapriya KIND1548TN7,50,065,570,0
1525Agrawal AanyaIND1356GUJ7,50,065,569,5
1621Swara Lakshmi S NairIND1390KAR7,50,062,066,5
1737Shah KriteeIND1306GUJ7,50,062,065,0
1816Anushka GuptaIND1456WB7,00,072,077,5
1920Yashavishree NIND1422TN7,00,071,577,0
2019Cera DagariaIND1433MP7,00,070,075,5

Source: All India Chess Federation

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